Sunday, October 28, 2012

~the rest of this house~

Does this picture look familiar?
It's a picture of a gorgeous kitchen, one I have seen all
 over the web, and one that I have loved for a while now.
So, I did a little digging because I have always wanted to see the rest of this house.
 And I found it!
Maybe you have seen it, maybe you haven't, but you are in for a treat!
Doesn't the entry look so welcoming?
 I kinda have a color crush on orange right now, so this room is really speaking to me.
 And that coffee table, the blinds, the sofa fabric, the nail head trim on the chair........
 I love, love, love the little bits of color in this home.
 So easy to change out seasonally, or if you just get bored like me.
 The old school bulbs add a nice touch.
 Love the contrast and simple styling.
 Here's the other side of the kitchen. 
I am in love with that range hood!
And, I have always wanted a glass front refrigerator!
 Perfection if you ask me.
 That chair is wonderful and I love how the stylist added the yellow post it notes for color.

Yep, pretty great right? 
I found the images here.


Anne said...

beautiful home!

fiona anderson said...

What a great house, love all the white with the little pops of colour, and really love the kitchen units - thanks for finding this !

Emily A. Clark said...

Loved every picture--going back to look again :)

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Lovely. Pure bliss!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...


annc999 said...

I envy people who have such great talent for decorating and style. I so wish I could have a house like this. Is there hope? I wonder.

Becky C said...

Hey Melaine! I love this simple home...especially the range hood. I used it as an inspiration photo for our kitchen remodel...just posted a photo of it today. My husband built our rustic vent hood. Hope all is well :)

Kathy said...

That first picture reminds me of your kitchen!! It is really unique that! Been back in D.C. with the grands for a month, just got home gotta go catch up on what you've been up to...where did this summer/fall go?

Vintage Street Designs said...

Pretty much LOVE it all. Thanks so much for sharing. I re-pinned it as well on Pinterest! Have a great week. ~ Judy

Mindy Whipple said...

I have loved that kitchen also and am swooning over the range hood. I am so happy you found and shared the rest of their pretty home!

Between You and Me said...

i've always wondered about the rest of that house, too. The kitchen as always been a favorite.

Michelle Helena Cabrera said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Helena Cabrera said...

Because of the ideas you've shared with us, I'll be volunteering to paint my friend's Taylor Made Concrete wall in her house. I never thought beige and white could be so interesting, specially with the right furniture. They give a little personality to your home.

Jean Raizel Gonzales said...

I love the bedroom! By the way, we have the same chair on the 12th photo. Too bad I left mine in a short term storage in Perth while I was moving around. I guess I'll just take it back then.

Justin Leo Rodriguez said...

Your kitchen cabinets are similar to my girlfriend's. Actually, most of your house does, except for the front porch. It feels cozy, that's why I visit her very often, specially when I need to relax. I just wish it's located by the beach.

Charlotte Roughley said...

We had the same single-hung style of window, but I never thought of a way to decorate my interior just to suit it, so I called up the window replacement services and had it converted to sliding. That's too bad because after seeing this, I think I want to convert it back to a single-hung. Next time, I might just consult you with my interior!

Hannah Sturt said...

Don't you just love the wooden floor? Our floors were made of recycled timber, and I was already planning to paint it, but after I saw your photos I just changed my mind. I never thought they could look perfect just by adding the right furniture. Well, mom was right!

Stella Saunders said...

Is that a cherry hardwood floor? It always looks neat, specially if you know how to maintain its texture with a regular application of varnish. Nice house!

Mary Bicheno said...

That's one lovely house you've got there. With that style, I'm still thinking of a way to decorate the chimney area. It seems hard to think of a dark color that matches the whole house.

Gemma McWhae said...

Nice furniture! They suit every part of your house, I can just imagine mixing them up. I've seen some of the similar designs in a Los Angeles furniture store!

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Jay Spencer said...

The house's interiors give me a warm, rural feel. I guess that's what you get when you manage to put the right set of furnishings together with the right colors, putting them together in the right places.

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