Saturday, November 17, 2012

~every morning.....~

before anyone else is awake, I brew a cup of coffee in my Keurig, put in way too much peppermint creamer, and sit down to my computer. 
The first thing I do is open up my blog and read all your comments.
{I love comments!}
Next I head to Pinterest for my daily fix.
If you'd like to follow me, you can find me here.
Here's what I have been pinning this morning...
cozy bedrooms.....
 black and white with a little industrial thrown in.....
 I'm sooo ready for Christmas!
 Perfectly edited and organized.....
 I want it all......
 I might have pinned this same picture a dozen times......

What did we ever do before Pinterest?


Stacey {steward of design} said...

I love Pinterest, and pin many pics from you. Hope you don't think I'm too much of a stalker. I love all the above pics but that white tile pantry is pretty amazing.

Lee said...

Those are stunning photos. Love that wallpaper in that room, very Ralph Lauren.

Michelle said...

I just love that bedroom!!!! I don't know what we did before pinterest... or blogs... or the internet. LOL I think I got a lot more done around the house pre those things. LOL

Blondie's Journal said...

I really wish I had time for Pinterest...I know I would be pinning everything! I love those little advent paper sweet!

Happy Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful inspirational photos!! I love the first bedroom, it looks so cozy!
Hope you have a lovely weekend.

Samantha2818 said...

The vintage look drawers in the second photo are actually new reproductions - I have a set of the same ones. They are for sale at Cox and Cox mail order if anyone is interested. Lots of lovely photos here x

sandy said...

Beautiful photos!Super cozy bedroom. I'll have to follow you on Pinterest now. I have actually USED the recipes and craft pins I found! But it's also just so inspirational to see the beautiful photos! The hard part is when I want to change my decor every time I see something I like.
Sandy at Hob Nobbers ;)

The enchanted home said...

All the pics are stunning but that first one is utterly breathtaking! Love it...sooo cozy, and I bet theres a roaring fire on the other side of the wall!

bec said...

There are so many amazing pics out there I sometimes feel overwhelmed by them all. I keep changing my mind on what style I want for the home as I want them all....Lol
Bec x

Between You and Me said...

girl....what DID we do before Pinterest?
I had a HUGE idea notebook with magazine pages ripped out. :)

Unknown said...

I tend to pin the same things over and over again as well. That and all my pins look similar. Love the bedroom with the plaid!

pve design said...

We do have so much in common.
My routine is very much the same as yours. I love pinterest too.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Lovely stuff! Thanks for sharing with us!

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