Saturday, December 8, 2012

~girls craft night!~

I love getting together with friends, and I love crafting.
So why not craft with friends?
Once a month I will be hosting a craft night at my house.
I just hosted my first one and it was so fun.
We made a scrap wreath, a beginners kind of craft, which was good because a lot of people I know have never done crafty things.
Everyones wreath turned out gorgeous.
I might just leave mine up year round.

 I prepared by pre-cutting a gazillion strips of various width fabrics in 7" strips.
Turns out, a gazillion more were needed.
If you do this project, cut more than you think.
You want to rip the fabric so it has frayed edges, varying widths, and you can use ribbon too.
I cut up old grain sacks, ticking, flour sacks, drop cloths, etc. 

Then you just start tying them onto a wire form. 
Work your way around, twisting and turning the fabrics for a random look.
 We added these darling flower fabrics that my friend Michelle made for everyone.
Thanks Michelle!
 The puppy slept at our feet the whole night. :)
 Cookies with hot chocolate, home made whipped cream, and peppermint candies on top
Can't have a girls night without chocolate!
 My friend Tracie who blogs here.
Isn't she gorgeous?
 When she got home she sent me this picture of her wreath.
I love how she displayed it!
My brain is already going crazy thinking of a craft for January!


Brenda said...

Love the crafted wreath!That is my kind of project, use what you have, easy, and quick!


Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

This looks like such fun! Your wreath is so pretty! I am wondering what kind of wreath form you used?

Anonymous said...

So MUCH fun!!!!

Amazing home, amazing host and fun peeps, what else can I girl ask for.

You should start throwing all those ideas in a hat and after each party have someone draw one out for the next one :)

Cant wait!


Shannan Martin said...

Tomorrow is my first annual? Christmas crafty party. We're doing a wreath, too! Love yours. Wish I could have crashed.

Megan said...

I have been wanting to do this same thing with a group of friends. Looks like so much fun!!


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Wow....that looks like FUN.

Unknown said...

what fun! so wish i loved remotely close to you all. and tracie...oh yes...tres belle inside and out! so jealous!!!

Fishtail Cottage said...

too much fun! i'm ready for next month!!!! hugs to you dear friend! xoxo, tracie

Something Nice and Pretty said...

I love, love the wreath! The fabrics are great, I so have to try this! Love how your friend displayed hers too!
I know another blogger who does this too, here is her link if you'd like to check out what her and her friends have made

Unknown said...

Love gal pal's craft night! Thanx for sharing your craft...Those rag wreaths are so much fun and easy to do...we have done or favorite college team rag wreaths...visit my "royal blog" and browse older posts to see another version...Love your blog! Tiffany

Katia Ollivier said...

J'adore vos couronnes ! elles sont belles ! en plus l'ambiance est bonne !
A bientôt ...
Kat (france)

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

Looks like so much fun! I would love to go sometime...and yes our friend Tracie is sooo gorgeous and so sweet..just like you! ;)


Looks like a fun night....of course I would have to spike the hot chocolate so I could really get creative :)

Unknown said...

I've been in a burlap craze lately, so I love this project and these adorable images you've captured from your night. I saw a similar tree skirt design that I'm dying to do... if I ever find time. :)

Between You and Me said...

This is so fun!
We just did this recently at a friend's house, and it was SO much fuN!!!

Anonymous said...

Love this idea!! I cannot wait to make one with all the scrap fabric I have! I hope you share each of your monthly projects on your blog so we can make them along with your girls party! How fun!!!

AngelaHolt said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post!

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