Thursday, February 21, 2013

-an exciting post from Hawaii-

I will post more about this when I get home, but wanted to give you all the heads up! 
I am posting from my I pad and have no clue how to do links, etc. so I apologize in advance. I just got the ok to post this so.......
I have been asked to host a homegoods blogger party!
What is it you may ask?
Well, on march 2nd, my local homegoods (Lynnwood Washington) will be opening up their store before hours (8-9:30) 
To host a special shopping extravaganza for me and get this, 50 other friends/readers of my sweet savannah! 
The store will be freshly stocked just for us and they will have a breakfast buffet waiting!
Not only that, but everyone who comes gets a $10 gift card.
We will also be playing some fun games where you can win additional $25 and $50 gift cards!
Can you imagine shopping before the store opens to the general public, breakfast buffet galore, and free gift cards? 

I want to treat this sort of as a giveaway because I honestly don't know the response I will get.
So, if you are local and can be at home goods in Lynwood Washington on march 2nd, from 8-9:30, leave me a comment on this post as your RSVP. Make sure you leave me your email address. If you get an email from me, that is your confirmation that you will be attending! 
I will email you around the 1st. and feel free to bring a friend, just RSVP for 2 in the comments! 

If you haven't been to home goods yet, this is a great time! I love shopping at discount prices, and getting high end looks!

Rhoda from southern hospitality hosted a party too! 

I am so excited to meet some of my readers that I haven't had the opportunity to meet! 
Ok, back to the pool! 


Amy said...

Ooh, I would love to go!

Ashley @ Life with Kids said...

Oh my gosh!!! how exciting I would love to go and to bring my Mother In Law with me!!! So put me down for 2!!!

[email protected]

♥ Ashley

Dianne P said...

I'd love to go and bring my friend! We just came back from Maui yesterday. Enjoy your time in paradise!
Dianne (dimicarlson at aol)

Ashley C. said...

Ah so fun! I would LOVE to go, and bring a friend! [email protected] Enjoy your time in Hawaii -we just booked our trip to there for May!

Shawna said...

I would love to attend! RSVP for 2, please! [email protected]

Stacey {steward of design} said...

I would love to come and meet you! Btw, super jealous of your pics on Instagram from Kauai. We are going to the big island in April but having Kauai withdrawals.

Natalie S said...

RSVPing for 2! I"m local.
[email protected]

Michelle said...

I haven't been to Home Goods before but would love to go and bring a girlfriend. RSVP for 2.

[email protected]

Julie said...

Sounds so fun! Too bad I'm nowhere near! :(

Anonymous said...

I'm In Plus One!!! RSVP for 2!!!

Sweet!!! Don't forget the SPF & have a Lava Flow for me with extra paper umbrellas!!!

Cheers! Danielle
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

Would love to check out Home Goods on the 3rd and will bring a friend too!
[email protected]

Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...


Unknown said...

I am in! RSVP for 1 - thanks!
[email protected]

Unknown said...
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Wendy said...

Soooo fabulous! Put me down for two.
[email protected]

Kimberlee Koplan said...
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Anonymous said...

I have never been to a Home Goods store and would love this opportunity. Hope you had fun in the sun
[email protected]

angie said...

Yes, please!
[email protected]

Amber said...

I heart Home Goods and would love to go! It's just down the street from me! I'd love to bring my mom-in-law with me! So two tickets please!

Amber Lont
[email protected]

[email protected] said...

I have never been to HomeGoods, sounds like the perfect time to check it out. Of course I'd have to get up at the crack of done but so worth it. Put me down for two ;)

Unknown said...

Put me down for two! I will be driving from anacortes.
[email protected]
Have a great vacation!! Our daughter lives there.

cathy lee said...

What a great idea! I've never to been to Homegoods and would love to check it out. RSVP for 2.

[email protected]

Enjoy Hawaii... we just got back 2 weeks ago!

Anonymous said...

I would love to attend this fun event, me plus 1 friend.

[email protected]

Unknown said...

Count me and a friend in... Love that store and I just have a room that needs a little help too.

Shirley Yates said...

I just found out we even had a Home Goods here. I would love to come I live in Kirkland soooo close. I have a friend that would love to come with me. Enjoy your vacation. [email protected]

New Launch Condo said...

Your style is very unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. I learn a lot of new stuff right here! I certainly love this. Thanks

jamie said...

i would love to attend! just a short drive from bellingham, but sooo worth the trip! [email protected]

katieharris said...

Yes please for 2! I love Homegoods, grew up with them in the Midwest so glad they're out here now.

Elle said...

That sounds amazing and so much fun! Wish I lived in the area, I would love to join in!

HeatherFeatherInMyHair said...

Sounds fun, count me in! Thank you!


lafamiglia said...

Would LOVE to go!! How Cool!! If there is room,
im IN!! xxo Monica

flourish home said...

Ooohhh, pick me, pick me! I would LOVE to be a part of this. :)
[email protected]

flourish home said...

Oops - forgot to mention that I'd love to bring a friend. :)
[email protected]

shabbykelly said...

OHHH, I would LOVE this! It's so ME! Plus....., I would fianlly get to meet you! I'm RSVP ing for 2.



[email protected]

Mary Ann Pickett said...

Lucky you on so many levels!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds very fun! would love to be included (2 with my shopping buddy!)
[email protected]

Anonymous said...

I would love to come

[email protected]

Brittany said...

My mom reads your blog everyday, and often forwards posts on for me to read...yesterday was no different! We would love nothing more than to attend, spend this time together and meet you! We'd be so grateful and excited if there is room for the two of us!

Fingers crossed!

[email protected]

P.S. Thanks for making this opportunity available to 50 lucky ladies!

Michele said...

Oh wow how awesome!!!!

Sure wish I wasn't stuck here in Ohio - Homegoods is the BEST PLACE EVER!

Have fun at that and also enjoy the pool break!!

~*Joni said...

I am no longer in WA state but just wanted to pop in and see how your trip to Kauai is going! :) I was born and raised on Kauai, in beautiful Kilauea on the north shore. If you're in Princeville any time soon, stop in at CJ's and have my mom's yummy mud pie. She is going on 78 years young and has worked there for 36 years! Hugs and enjoy my 'aina! Aloha, ~*Joni (popping in from Thistlewood Farms via the lovely Karianne)

Melaine Thompson said...

For anyone that did not leave me an email address, pls. do so, so that you can be included! Melaine

Anonymous said...

Is it too late? I would love to bring a friend! But a question first: my just-turned-6-year-old darling daughter would be with us. My husband and boys have karate in the morning and she can't come with them. I understand if this doesn't work, just wanted to check first. But we would love to come if it's okay! :-) Laura / [email protected]

Lisa said...

Count me in! Plus a friend! Thanks Melaine!

[email protected]

lynnda said...

I am coming! I am lisa mckenneys sister in law :).
Lynnda McKemney

Anonymous said...

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