Saturday, February 9, 2013

~knock off Pottery Barn Kids flash card wall art~

 Today I am going to show you how to make a Pottery Barn Kids knock off wall art flashcard piece.
When I saw these on the website for $99, I knew I could challenge myself to make it for less.
Now they have gone on sale and are reasonably priced at $49.00.
{but don't forget about that shipping}
However, they didn't have the numbers I wanted, so I ended up creating one of my own.
{image below from Pottery Barn Kids}

 I wanted 2 + 2 += 4,
simply because there are 2 adults in our home and 2 kids~seemed logical.
I searched online under "vintage flashcard images" and found one.
I printed it out and took it to Staples where I had them enlarge it for $3.29.
{ask for a architectural print}
The frame I used was from a garage sale and was $5. 
It's almost the same size as the ones on Pottery Barn Kids website.
About 15" wide by 48" tall, so pretty big.
I spray painted it black and had glass, backing, flexi points, {to hold it all in} and a wire attached, all for $32.00 at my local craft store.
Here's the image I took into Staples.
 While my glass was getting cut I went in search of a glaze of some sort to make the stark white paper aged a bit, just like old flash cards.
What I found was this product. It was around $3.50.
So now you can see I'm up to around $44.00 and you are probably wondering why I just didn't buy the one on Pottery Barn Kids website.
Well, if you remember, they didn't have the numbers I wanted, and, there's always that shipping....
 When I got home I laid out my printout on the counter and just brushed on the stain with a foam brush, then let it dry.
 When it was dry I popped it in it's frame and hung it at the end of our hallway.
Super easy!
Wouldn't this be cute to do with old flashcards that have wording too?
 Close up....
So, what do you think? Are you gonna give it a try?
I'd say it makes a big impact for under $50.00, not bad.


Mary Ann Pickett said...

Way to go! There are so many possibilities. Yours is nice as it is one of a kind.

Lori said...

I have been trying to figure out how to do this also. Thanks!

AntiqueChase said...

I had to go back and read how you came up to the $50 mark... it was the glass? I love this project and it's worth the $$ because it's personalized to you!

Anonymous said...

Soooo sooo cute!


Karen at Home Sweet Hollywood said...

Wow! That turned out yours better than the PB. And it's an original. Awesome.

Fishtail Cottage said...

so cool! love it!

lafamiglia said...

Love this! Very, very clever girl!
xxo Monica

Karen T. said...

I'm going to try this-thank you for sharing!!! What size did you get it enlarged at Staples?

Melaine said...

Karen, I just told them the size of my frame opening and they did the math! :)

Muurstickers said...

It looks surprisingly elegant. And the simplicity of the math adds to the appeal? Great job!

T said...

Very clever and so talented.

Great idea. Might have to try this to give as a gift.

Yes, you could have gone P.B.

But you would have missed out on the personal gratification of knowing...


Linda said...

Can you share the website where you got the vintage flash card image... I couldn't find it.
Thanks... love what you did sooo much. great blog

Karen T. said...

Hi! It's me again-I would like to make the very same one as you-2/2 /4 For valentines! But I'm having a hard time finding that card when I type in "vintage flashcard images" could you share the site you found it? thanks in advance!!!

Hillary said...

Oh, that is such a great idea, Can't wait to try it.

Melaine Thompson said...

hello! Ok, so truth is, I found the image about 6 months ago, printed it out and just now got around to enlarging it, so I don't remember where I found it! Yikes! YOu might want to search on etsy or ebay to see if you can find one! Let me know if you do! You can always take the image from my blog and see if that works..... Melaine

Abby Wilkinson said...

This is so awesome! Very cute addition...if you know what I mean.

Sew a Fine Seam said...

Melaine I LOVE that! I want 2+3=5!!
And yes, the words would be awesome too. I have some cool old flashcards - maybe I should start making some of these and adding them to my etsy shop! Or were you going to do that?? You totally could!

Anonymous said...

It does all look amazing! I love the changes, and that new entry is beautiful! Great job!
Modular Kitchen Collection

Anonymous said...

This is awesome....mine would read 2+5=7. I love that I found this on pinterest and you were very detailed with the instructions. Thanks.

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