Thursday, March 7, 2013

~funny, talented, clever, and creative~{the list goes on and on}

Wanna know who I'm talking about?

Let's see if you can guess......

{no cheating by looking at the watermarks}

This woman can craft like no one else. 
I mean, do you know anyone that makes a table top in a herringbone pattern out of paint sticks?
I suddenly feel the urge to go raid my Home Depot.

 She can put together vignettes like no ones business.
She even has a butlers pantry!
Can I be your butler? 
Pretty please?
Does your kids' playroom look like this?
Best part~she finds most of her treasures discarded on the roadside.
I think I'll be taking a drive in the country today......
 Just when you thought the playroom was enough, there's more.
An art house on her property.
Look at that cute address sign.
It's all in the details.......
 So that all the tiny bits of paper and glitter can all be contained in a room outside the home.
 How about the cutest girls room ever? 
Complete with monograms~ahhhhh......
 I'd be very content folding clothes in this room.
 Oh, and there's a library!
An art house, playroom, and a library.
Whoa Nellie.
{she whipped those burlap bows up herself. Probably while cooking a homemade dinner and stripping wallpaper at the same time}
A couple adorable bathrooms for your viewing pleasure. 

 And the dining room that had me at burlap smocked drapes.
Love. At. First. Sight.
 Another trash to treasure transformation.
Can this lady get her on show on HGTV already?
Why are we waiting folks?
 I'm hoping she will like me even better after this post and box up
 that hutch and ship it to me Fed Ex overnight.
 How about an entry decorated with more roadside finds and thrift store treasures.
Oh how I wish you lived closer.
We would have so much fun shopping together.
 All that, and she also gives step by step instructions on her DIY's and gives sources for almost everything. Including her paint colors.
I haven't ever seen paint sticks look so pretty.
{except maybe on that herringbone table}
Ok, so I'm sure you know who I am talking about.
Karianne from Thistlewood Farm.
I liked her before I even started indulging in her blog~just because it had the word farm in it.
Thank you Karianne for letting me showcase your beautiful home that is truly a labor of love.
If you are one of the 2% of the population that hasn't read her blog, go here to do so.
Love ya friend!


thistlewoodfarm said...


This is my favorite day.

It's like Christmas and my birthday and the last 27 St. Patrick's days all combined. :)

Have a blessed and amazing day!

Anonymous said...

I SOOO agree! Karianne at Thistlewood Farm rocks! =)

Pieced Pastimes said...

Thistlewood Farm is a favorite blog of mine. I am quite sure there are many people who consider her blog a favorite among favorites. She always has wonderful eye candy and great writing - a very talented lady!
Enjoyed your review and couldn't agree more.
Have a Lovely Day,
Pieced Pastimes

Peggy said...

Isn't she just the most delightful thing ever! And I get to meet her in real life in just a little over a week!! Yeah I know I sound like some silly google eyed teenager... trust me I'm not. Ha ha! I just love Karianne's writing and photography! And yes she does have an eye for design!

Have a wonderful day!

AntiqueChase said...

What I love most about this post (and there is a LOT to love) is Karianne's comment to you... sweet.

Regina Merrick said...

I'm a Thistlewood Farm fan! What a great tribute! She is a rock star, the cat's meow, peachy-keen, and any number of terrific kudos to bloggers. One step further - Karianne is right up there with The Pioneer Woman! :)

Anonymous said...

well i WAS part of that more! Thanks for the lovely share, her home is amazing!

Kathy :) said...

She is the best, I've been following her for quite sometime, just a sweetie !!

And her farm awesome !! ❤❤

So glad I met you Karianne (rock star)

Michelle said...

Karianne and Thistlewood Farm is my first stop every morning! For sure she is a ROCK STAR! Is she taking applications for best friends?! :)

Sew a Fine Seam said...

KariAnne is the best! What a rock star!

slip4 said...

I love Karianne! Her house is amazing.

Finding Home said...

So great to see KariAnne over here!

Take care, Laura

Unknown said...

I'm in! And obviously live under a rock. Thank you!!! Another new friend in the blogosphere.


Sarah said...

I'm already one of her devoted fans! Karianne has to be one amazing lady. I admire everything she does around the farm, but mostly I admire her spirit. It comes through with each cleverly written post she publishes. What talent! Thanks for spotlighting this clever lady.

[email protected] Designs said...

Kari is the best!...her home is just as amazing as she is!!

Art and Sand said...

Thanks for the tour. I have been so stressed at work and had not time to blog or search my favorites. This inspired me to get busy this weekend and switch things up in the house.

Unknown said...

Love her blog! I read it every day :)

erin's art and gardens said...

i LOVE her blog too! and i am following you now because i love your blog too and well, i just couldn't leave your followers # at 6666!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful tribute...just love her blog (and yours too)!

Unknown said...

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Between You and Me said...

you featured her beautifully!

Unknown said...

Beautiful tribute! I adore Karianne and Thistlewood Farm! Thanks for sharing!

Andi K. said...

I agree! Karianne is amazing and soooo funny!! Thistewood Farm, My Sweet Savvannah, and Lettered Cottage are my personal favorites! Great job ladies-you all are amazing and inspiring!

Cecilia said...

I love Karianne's blog! She inspires me!!

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