Thursday, April 4, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{a dress form re~do}

Today's thrifty Thursday project is similar to the one I did a couple years ago here
I sold that one and have missed it ever since, so when I saw this ugly dress form at a thrift shop, I snatched it right up!

Here is the before:
Covered in neon yellow felt with bright red paint.
~oh my~

 Even the ugly trim was falling off.
I paid $19.99 for this.
 I'll show you how it went from 80's bad to modern chic!
This is the after:
 First things first.
You must have old sheet music.
I have a stash of this. I pick it up at estate or garage sales whenever I see it dirt cheap.
I prefer the darker sheets that appear to have more age to them.
However, I mixed in sheets that were more white and I like the contrast.

A paper cutter always comes in handy. I use mine for everything.
Cut strips of vintage sheet music.
I made most 2" wide, but made some 1" and 3" for variety.
Cut a lot.
 Get a pencil and start rolling them up. 
This will cause them to curl. 
You want to roll them up almost to the end but leave about an inch. 
Here's a tip: they don't have to be rolled perfectly. In fact, you want some really tight and you want some really loose. Some rolled crooked, that's OK. You want them all different.
Thank you to my sweet Cody who rolled a bunch for me.
 Roll more than you think, like a hundred or more.
{it really does go fast}
 Then take it outside and spray paint it black. 
I also lightly went over the yellow felt.
Looks better already right?
 Get your hot glue gun heated up and begin at the bottom of the body form and glue on strips of curled sheet music, around and around. It will soon start to look like a skirt.
 Go about waist high, and when you think you are done, add more, filling in any gaps, and maybe adding more at the bottom to make the skirt longer and more full.
I suggest a low temp glue gun for this because certain sheet music can be very thin and you don't want to burn your fingers. 
 When you are happy with how the skirt looks, start gluing on strips of sheet music around the neck and all over the top until it is covered. 
 When you've glued on your base, 
use modge podge to put on a final layer, and let dry.
 Here is a close up of the skirt all done. 
You can see how it looks good to use varying shades of sheet music.
Also, glue on some pieces upside down, so some curl up, and some curl down.
 I added these fabric flowers to the top. 
Found them at my local craft store for about $9.00 for all 3.
I also added 3 yards of satin ribbon around her waist, for another $6.00.

So, what do you think?
 Quite the transformation right?
All in all this project came in right around a little under $40.00.
Keep your eyes open for mannequins, even if they are ugly to begin with!


Unknown said...

OMG! Lovely! Well done :)

Unknown said...

I Love this! Looks awesome! Now I'm on the hunt for a dress form! Thanks for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

That is beautiful and work of art!

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

This is absolutely amazing. I love it. Unreal. Hugs, Marty

grammy and papi said...

I am sooo in LOVE. I was looking for a dress form previously but now I have to get one immediately. You are brilliant.

Have a God Filled Day

Blondie's Journal said...

I really like this! What a fabulous idea!


AntiqueChase said...

wow. this is amazing! and I must say you have a great "vision" in thrift stores. I wish I could shop with you!

Acorn to Oak said...

What a fun project and a great tranformation! It turned out so cute!

Lolo @ The Adventures of Stig and Lolo said...

You are rockin the Thrifty Thursday girlie! Love this :) And now....she needs a name ;)

Yolanda said...

She is beautiful! Just wondering what the paint colors are on the hutch/cabinet third picture down? Looks like colors that I can use

Unknown said...

It's lovely, well done! So lovely, you might have to give her a name...

Holly said...

This is the greatest! What a transformation! I always wondered what people did with I know! On my wish list!
thanks for sharing!

Jilly said...

Well, you've done it AGAIN! I love this! I so look forward to you Thursday posts. And all the other ones, too!

Sharlotte said...

Oh my gosh, this is gorgeous! I'm so glad I found you! Can't wait to stay a while and visit!

Robby said...

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Sandy said...

love love love!!!! Just wanting to come across a lonely low price dress form in my town. I'd make this re-do if I only had a form.... I'll keep a watch out for one.....
GREAT idea and fab job!

Unknown said...

I love the texture of the skirt, all the rolly paper .Very cute!

Kstylick said...

Love your blog! Maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!

Abby Wilkinson said...

This is gorgeous!! I love love love how it turned out! This would be great sitting out at a wedding reception in a photo booth area. So classy.

Mindy said...

I loved your previous one and this one does not disappoint! Love, love it!

Sandi said...

I really enjoy Thrifty Thursdays! What fun and a challenge for you to go to Goodwill and find your perfect subject:) on a side note: I made the Cadbury Easter Brownies you had posted about last week and they were divine! Thanks for the recipe! said...

Also, this looks just as pretty as the one on, Castles, Crowns and Cottages:)

Judi said...

OMG! This is absolutely STUNNING! I've recently inherited a dress form and was wondering what I could do with her, now I am totally INSPIRED!

Thanks for sharing.

Judi in the UK

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. I want a dress just like that. Great job. Thank you for showing us how to do it. Fun, pure fun.


zafar said...

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Carla said...

What a transformation
Looks really cool

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thank you for providing moments of beauty. I love your site.

Robin said...

You are a genius! Love it :) Robin

Anonymous said...

This is magnificent! I will definitely be looking for more mannequins (I have one that my daughter recovered in different fabrics - it's too fun to recover now)!

Unknown said...

This is awesome Melaine! Thanks for sharing! I have a dress from that needs some love, and I think I'm going to try this! Which "local craft store" did you purchase the flowers at?

The Painted Home said...

I am totally doing this. love it. and perfect in that spot.

Unknown said...

Awesome!! You are so creative. I am going to try this as soon as I find a dress form!! Thanks for your inspiration!

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