Saturday, May 18, 2013

~the tale of two shutters~

Many of you were very perceptive, and picked up
 on a couple new things in our living room from yesterday's post.
I had a few emails about the new addition of these shutters, so I thought I would share.

 A couple of months ago our family took a mini weekend vacation 
east of the mountains, about a 4 hour drive.
It's a very scenic drive and one we take often.
We have our favorite pit stops along the way.
The kids have a favorite diner they like to stop and get milkshakes at, my husband has his favorite fly fishing store he likes to shop at, and I have a favorite antique mall I like.
On this particular trip I didn't buy anything, but these shutters caught my eye and I fell in love.
The only reason I didn't buy them is because we were in a bit of a hurry and didn't have a car with us that was big enough to haul them home, and, I couldn't picture where exactly I'd put them.

 A month or so went by and I kept thinking of these shutters.
 Then came the time for my husband to leave with the guys for the weekend on one of his annual fishing trips.
Ya know, the kind where the guys get together, don't shower for 3 days. 
They drink beer, they burp, and spit.
One of those fun weekends.
 The thought crossed my mind, 
"I wonder if those shutters are still available and if so, I wonder if my husband could pick them up for me on his way home from his fishing trip!?"
Do I dare ask?
Do I dare ask my husband if he'd mind stopping on his way home from camping, car full of men and stinky fish, to stop at an antique mall, and throw some vintage shabby chic shutters on top of all the fishing poles in the back of the truck?
What's the worst thing that could happen?
He'd say no right?
So, do you like my new shutters?
I like them even more now knowing what my husband did to get them home to me.
Throw all those fish back in the sea, cuz I found myself a keeper!


Stacey {steward of design} said...

Those look great in your family room! What a great addition.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Yes, what a Sweetheart to stop!A keeper for sure....They look great!

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

I love your shutters and yes, he is a keeper. Hugs, Marty

Simply LKJ said...

Great addition to the room!

Anonymous said...

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[email protected] said...

I love them and yes he is a keeper! [email protected] Cottage-wishes

Mary Ann Pickett said...

They are perfect!

Unknown said...

Your home is beautiful and the shutters make a great addition to the room. He is a keeper for sure.

Unknown said...

The shutters are awesome! Love the entire wall! You definitely have a keeper!!~~Angela

Vanessa Greenway said...

Those shutters make a beautiful statement in the room. I have a couple in my living room too and love them. What I love the most is the height that they add to the walls/ceiling. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a great addition, looks great! Could you share good places to stop for lunch and antique shopping? We are going to The Farm Chick show for the first time from Seattle and it would be great to have recommendations for places to stop and rest.


Wendy said...

They look great Melanie,I love the whole room.

Wendy said...

They look great Melanie,I love the whole room.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What a sweet story! And I LOVE the shutters too!

Have a GREAT day!

paperjunk-lc said...

Never tire of seeing pictures of your beautiful home.

Rachel said...

Love the shutters! Look great on that wall behind the sofa.

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love your family room and the shutters are a nice addition!

Kelly, thefurniturefinder said...

Love the shutters!! My hubby does the same...goes and gets something that I've been dreaming about. I guess that saying is true, "happy wife, happy life!" ;)

Grace A. said...

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Andrea said...

I just ordered a ruffle pillow. So excited! It is gorgeous :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

Hi I just stumbled across this post because I noticed your shutters in your newly painted family them & i want some! can you tell me if they came in that color or did you paint them?? anxiously awaiting your blog post on your dining room! it looks gorgeous on your instagram pic :)

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