Wednesday, June 19, 2013

~a chore chart calendar~

School is out today.
And while I love having the kids home I sometimes feel like I am always nagging at them to help clean up around the house. Not only that, but am I the only one who constantly hears, "what are we doing today?"
So, I devised a system that, crossing my fingers, I hope works. 

I painted a giant chalkboard on the wall behind our computer. 
Each day is clearly marked with the days activities, so no more bugging mom right?

 The letters for each day of the week I attached with zots. 
{clear sticky dots you can find in the scrap booking section}
They are vintage wooden letters that I got at a flea market last year. 
I framed out the edges in old moulding from a salvage shop.
 I attached cup hooks from the hardware store to each day 
and added paper luggage tags from the office supply store.
 My kids are gonna kill me for this, but each tag has a job on it.
One side is for Savannah, the other side for Cody. 
Before the leave to go swimming or paddle boarding or whatever for the day,
 their chores need to be done.
They can only take down the tag when the job is done and I have approved it. 
I am such a mean mom.
 Some are super simple.
For example, a lot of Cody's say, "read for 20 minutes"
because for him, reading is a chore.
Some others say~
Match and fold socks, vacuum carpets, clean bathroom sinks, clean out microwave, clear off the counter, take out the garbage, etc. etc. 
 I really hope this works, I will let you know.
Part of me was thinking about putting a $5 bill at each Sunday mark.
But ya know what?
They need to pull their own weight around here too~it'll be good for em! 

Do you have any great tips for keeping your kids in 
check over the summer without having to nag at them?
I'd love to hear and know I'm not the only mean mom, ha ha!


[email protected] said...

Wow this is beautiful!! I'd love it if you'd link up at my new {Work it Wednesday} Linky party!!


Becki said...

Definitely not a meanie. I think teaching kids responsibility is a them and to you. My boys are doing lots of housework AND yardwork.'s good for them!

Simply LKJ said...

Such a great idea. Love the chalkboard!

Unknown said...

I pretty much refuse to open the kitchen or go anywhere until they have done their chores :) Works every day!

The Farmers Nest said...

I love the chore idea!

Bianca Martino said...

This is brilliant! LOVE!!

Unknown said...

Great idea. I love the giant chalkboard. My boys 19 and 13 each have a weekly schedule with activities and chores that they must complete. If not they would spend all day on the computer. Today is day two of them following the schedule. So far so good.

Kathy said...

It is definitely a good system however mine is "dinner". I have a blackboard with the meal plan up there is it is a saving more asking "what's for dinner" and I get this even before we are home from school and afternoon tea. Last week I neglected to put it up and seriously I got asked "what's for dinner" about 100 times, well maybe 10 times and I only have 2 kids. Right up to the when I'm 2 mins away from serving it and busy in the kitchen. It drove me crazy. I mean in 2 mins you'll know what we are eating and if you don't like what we are eating it will still be ready in 2 my lesson is update the menu board. Out of 52 weeks I write it up 50 weeks so this was just one of those not written up weeks but it won't be happening again. Your board and chores will be a big help all round. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

lafamigliadesignllc said...

Love the chalkboard chores! Looks good and practical!
XXO Monica

Unknown said...
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