Thursday, July 18, 2013

~thrifty Thursday~{dip dyed stump & decorated bottles}

So, we've had this stump sitting near the driveway for a while now.
Every time I walk by it I think I will do something cool with it.
Finally I got sick of it sitting there and decided to
turn it into a thrifty Thursday dip dyed side table!

This is actually a 2 part thrifty Thursday because I also picked
up some really cool old bottles at a garage sale for a dollar a piece.
I thought they'd cool vases on the new stump table.
So, here you have it, and I did it all for under $5.00!

Here is how it all came together.
Let's start with the bottles shall we?
Like I said, I found a whole table full of these at a garage sale, a dollar a piece.
I think I picked up about 20.
I stopped on my way home and bought a bottle brush, cleaned them the best I could, then ran them through the dishwasher.

All you need for this project is bottles, a glue stick, a paper cutter or scissors, and some paper doilies which you can get at the dollar tree.

First cut your doilies using a paper cutter or if you have a good eye and can cut a straight line, you can use scissors. I needed the paper cutter.

I experimented with putting the glue on the bottle and also applying it directly to the doily. It worked best for me to put it directly on the bottle. The doilies are very fragile.

The doily also helps to cover up any dirt that didn't come out of the bottom of the bottles.
You can use different shaped doilies and cut them different sizes.
I also thought using the different colored bottles looked kinda neat.

Cool huh?
Ok, onto the stump in the yard.
I did make sure it was dry.
Like I said it was out there forever, but it was under cover.

I turned the heavy sucker upside down on a piece of plastic to protect the driveway from paint.
Then I taped off a section using painters tape.
This does not have to be perfect.
I didn't measure, just threw it on there.

You will need paint {color of your choice} and tape {duh} and a paint brush {duh again}
Oh, and a guard dog.

I put on one heavy coat of what I call "Pottery Barn Antique White" because I color matched it to a piece of furniture from there that is in the antique white finish.
Let dry~remove tape.

Then, because you've all been lifting weights right, hurl the stump up the stairs and into your house.
Place bottles on top with some flowers picked out of the yard,
and throw a few old books down for varying heights.


Breakdown of money spent:




The Painted Home said...

love it! I think I'll add a little color to my stump. It looks perfect in your family room.

Unknown said...

This turned out so beautiful!

Tiffany Leigh said...

I love the stump! How fun - It would look pretty neat gold leafed as well. I your creativity with the bottles too!

Unknown said...

Nice!!! I have a couple of said stumps sitting about the yard as well. Thanks for the inspiration.
Bottles are too cute!
Hugs, Gee

AntiqueChase said...

Have three in my yard now :)

Heather Salazar said...

I LOVE that stump!

Between You and Me said...

it looks great, Melaine!
both of the projects do....I keep wondering how I can work a tree stump into our house??

Unknown said...

Gosh, I have everything I need to make this very cool addition to my living room. Thank you so much for your inspiration!!

Unknown said...

That looks great Melanie! That's what I need in my house. 😊 Love it!


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