Friday, September 20, 2013

~sources from our home tour & a winner~

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on our home. Like I said, fall is my favorite time of year, so I especially like decorating for it!
I wanted to share with you a few sources, so here we go. If I've skipped over anything, please let me know!

First up, lets start with the living room:
This pillow is on sale!

This little fur one is so soft:

Speaking of fur, I couldn't be more in love with this blanket:

Another soft blanket I have on the couch is this herringbone throw.
I got it after it was used in a Country Living photo shoot I helped style.
I just couldn't resist.

Back to the pillows. This one is a screaming deal:

As are these:

On the coffee table I have this urn and these pumpkins. Love, love, love them both:

Moving onto the dining room:

This science poster is off the charts cool!

The lazy susan wine barrel server I made, and you can see the tutorial here.

I also made the "bar" You can see that here.

The books in my hutch can be found here in my etsy shop.

The dining chairs are a combination of these {in the weathered oak finish} and these:

And finally, the kitchen. The wine bottle dryer I got on ebay. It's a authentic French antique. However, I do have a smaller one that I take from room to room, including outdoors that I love. You can find it here.

I love mixing up all the mugs.
These mugs are fun colors:

I love my monogram mugs!

And I love these almost as much.

I made this sign:

Above my computer desk I have 2 orange frames. They are made by me and can be found in my etsy shop.

I finally got the cow head I've been wanting off Decor Steals.

Don't forget to visit the rest of the houses on this tour! Today is The Handmade Home, All Things Heart & Home In my Own Style and finally, Better Homes And Gardens!

And Now the winner of the >b>Mama Picture This giveaway is.....

[email protected]

Congrats! Be on the lookout for an email from me!

Have a great Friday friends!



Debra said...

I love this post, sad to say that the first pillow, which I was drooling over, is no longer available :-(

Thanks for sharing and have a great day! :-)

Kathy said...

Oh Melaine, so sorry to hear about heart breaks for your family. Love your home, especially in person! Miss you girl!

Unknown said...

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[email protected] said...

Oh my gosh gosh GOSH!!!!! Pretty excited to be the lucky winner. Thank you so much! Jane

juan said...

so sad RH pillow no longer available:(

E.P.Dallas Design said...

I am overdue for a good coffee mug especially to hold my hot chocolate in for the Fall season.


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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