Tuesday, October 15, 2013

~create a gallery wall with Ikea Ribba frames~

Yesterday I received an email inquiring about the gallery wall in our living room.
I have had several questions about it, so I thought I would address it here today.

First of all, as with most things in our home, this wall has seen a lot of changes.
However, this is the one look I have been the happiest with, and it is the one that stays.

I used these inexpensive frames from Ikea.
I LOVE ribba frames. I have them everywhere in my house, they create the biggest bang for your buck.
No, Ikea did not pay me to say that~but if you are reading........ :)
So for $120.00 plus tax, I created a great statement wall!

In the frames, I printed out vintage photos from early Crystal Lake days.

{the neighborhood where we live}

These photos date back to the 1920's and are a great nod to the past.
There's fishing photos, photos of the lodge covered in snow, and pictures of little kids playing, some of who now are in their 90's
and still live here. I just love the history.

So there you have it, a easy and inexpensive way to create a big impact if you have a large wall!



Stacey {steward of design} said...

I didn't know what photos you had in there, and I love how you used old photos of your neighborhood lake. Such a great idea.

Jane said...

Love this idea. We're moving soon, and this will be a great way to display some of our photos, etc. Thanks for sharing.

BTW...did you have slipcovers made for your sofa? Love the look!

Grateful said...

what size are those frames?

Anna Demko said...

I've been working on a statement wall for a while now... Collecting frames and choosing pictures..
Love what you did


Unknown said...

Hi! I love this look! :) Thanks for the information. I'm also wondering if your couch has slipcovers?! If so, would you mind telling me where you got them? I love this whole look with the white couch...looks fabulous!


Rob and Jordan said...

I love this look and just got back from my day trip to the closest IKEA :) HOW in the world did you hang the frames?!? Im sitting here trying to get the wire even on each frame and its just about impossible! (And in case you've noticed a million views on this page...yes, its me :)) Did you just measure each one meticulously or puta million holes in the wall?! THanks!

Christine at Little Brags said...

Hi there, loving your gallery wall. I was wondering if you changed the matting in the frames because yours look almost creamy in this picture and I thought the RIBBA frames come with white matting? Maybe it's just the lighting. Would love to hear back, I am planning a trip to Ikea in Seattle this weekend! Greetings from Olympia. Christine from Little Brags
[email protected]

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