Thursday, October 3, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{how to hand paint a sign}

For today's thrifty Thursday post I want to show you how you can hand paint signs, no artistic skills required.
First of all, have you seen the new Pottery Barn Teen catalog? Oh my goodness.
They have a new Burton line, and my snowboarding daughter flipped when she saw it.
She ripped a page straight out of the catalog and said, "this is what I want my room to look like."
Here it is:

Now, I don't think I am going to be putting up wood walls or anything, but, a few elements of the room can be recreated.
One of the things she liked the best was the signs. These signs are not available by Pottery Barn, they are just used in the room for decoration.
However, that doesn't mean you can't make your own, and today I will show you how!
I have huge piles of scrap wood in my studio. If you don't have piles of scrap wood, you can
paint new wood and distress it.

Next select your pieces of wood. I used a variety of painted pieces and natural wood.

Cut to the lengths you need. I also cut a point on the ends of some so they look are directional, again, mimicking the Pottery
Barn Teen ones. Savannah made a list of her favorite ski runs at the pass. Using black paint for the lighter wood, and cream paint for the darker
wood, I simply painted on the wording. You honestly don't need any artistic skills. These are
meant to look hand painted.

When all your boards are painted and dry line them up on the floor in the order you like.
Then measure the height of them.

Cut another piece of thin scrap wood about 2" shorter than the length of your signs. Then using a nail gun, screw gun, or finish nails,
attach all the signs to the scrap piece.

It would be sweet to do destinations, like vacation spots you have traveled too, etc. I have also made these for weddings, pointing the directions to the reception, bar, food, etc.
When I was all done, I hung it in Savannah's room. When she came home from school she was so happy to see it. Can't wait to decorate the rest of the room in this cozy Pottery Barn Teen style!

other sources:
Fur pillow can be found here, fur bean bag chair here, lamp is from Home Goods, stump is from the yard, basket from Joss and Main, and antlers from a flea market.



Unknown said...

I find that the PB catalogs are not so much for ordering from, but finding inspiration from. Well done!!

JacRDew said...

Your daughter is a lucky girl. She has developed PB fever early! Nice work!I love your blog!

Please check us out at the!

Leslie Harris said...

this came out looking like the real thing! Great job.

Phyllis @Around the House said...

Love your signs, I also love pottery barn and love the inspiration I get from them, I always seem to find the interesting thing I love is just a prop and not really for sale, don't you hate that, oh well it makes us creative in this case, love your signs and love the look...Phyllis

Unknown said...

awesome !!!!!!!!!!

Three Birds Inspired said...

Cool idea. I think I will do something similar with all my favorite places in the Seattle area (since I don't live there anymore and it is KILLING me!)

Pinky at Designs by Pinky said...

I fell in love with that room as soon as I saw your picture!!! No wonder your daughter loves it. Your sign board is PERFECT!!! We actually did a wall in our kitchen 2 houses ago in barnboard and LOVED it!!! I bet you could do one wall in her room with your scraps and she would love that:):) Can't wait to see the rest of the room. Love the BROWN wall color!!!!

Judy said...

wow melaine...that turned out so cool! i know you redecorated her room a few years ago so i'm guessing you're not making major changes? whatever you do always looks good though. what a lucky girl savannah is to have such a talented mom!

Sally said...

Such a great idea, and a good job. That looks awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

I actually love yours more than the PB one. Going to put it on my projects-to-do list.

I just started blogging about my projects, hope to keep it going while juggling a full-time job. You are a wonderful inspiration!

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