Wednesday, November 27, 2013

~our Thanksgiving table~

First of all, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I hope
you have a very relaxing day spent with loved ones.

This year I was inspired to use some blue and white, which is not typically what
I use. But, I pulled it all together, and mixed in with some natural colors I think it works.
You can view details and such right here.



Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Gorgeous table and flowers! Have a wonderful thanksgiving.

pballard said...

Happy Thanksgiving to your and yours. Lovely pictures.

Judy said...

love your table...I think blue and white go with everything and your tablesetting shows that beautifully.

hope your thanksgiving is wonderful!

Lili said...

This is so very how you mixed all the natural and earthy elements with pops of blue and those gorgeous plates resting on a backdrop of blue and white. What a treat for your guests to dine and enjoy. So lovely!

Tiffany Leigh Interior Design said...

STUNNING table scape. I'm loving it. The blue and white look so good with the orange colored juice. Yum Yum. Happy Thanksgiving xo

sharon smith said...

I have a thing for dishes! So naturally I love your table. Stunning......
Is it Woodland and Spode? Simply beautiful.
Happy Thanksgiving,

fruit rouge said...

Un très "Happy Thanksgiving" C'est une très belle mise en scène pour recevoir vos amis et votre famille!!

Our Way said...

the blue and white is very elegant! It looks great but everything that you've done looks fantastic. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. Have a great weekend. Marisa Franca

Mobel Homestore said...

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Kukkaiselämää - My flowering life said...

Stunning! I'm speechless...
Greetings from Finland,

Mrs.B said...

Looks beautiful! Hope you had a wonderful day.

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Beautiful!! I adore the deer plates! I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!

Jill Flory of Sew a Fine Seam said...

Beautiful Melaine! And I want those plates with the deer so bad! If you ever sell those I hope you think of me!

Between You and Me said...

beautiful table, friend.

The Herlings said...

So pretty! Good job!

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JamesE Lutz said...

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