Saturday, December 21, 2013

~a cozy handmade holiday gift~

The other night while watching the ball game with my hubby, he
told me that he would really like a good, big, soft couch blanket.

I guess I could have went and bought one, but I thought
making one would be even more special.

These blankets are so easy to make. Kids can make them, and with the cute free printable
{see below} I think these would make darling teacher gifts.

Here are the supplies needed to make the blanket:

6 yards of fleece.

{I got mine at Joanne Fabrics with a 50% off coupon, so the whole thing was $30.00.
They have so many different prints to choose from. Originally I was going to get a football theme, but I am boring,
so I stuck with the cream.}

Sharp scissors.

A measuring tape.

Ribbon, wrap, and a printable tag.

Start by cutting your fleece in half. I bought the non pilling fleece which is huge. You don't want your fleece to pill.

Wash your fabric. I was told it comes coated in formaldehyde, yuck.

Lay your pieces on a large flat surface wrong side to wrong side, very flat and even.

Cut a 5" square out of each corner and discard.

Now, starting from one side, cut strips of fabric approx. 1" wide by 5" long. These strips to do not have be exact. That is why this project is perfect for kids.

Next, tie each top piece, to each bottom piece, in a knot.

Repeat this for the remaining 3 sides and you are done! Shake it out, or wash and dry it again to get all the little loose bits of fabric off and wrap it up!

I found the cute printable tags here.

I also came up with this one that you are free to use!

Here's to a cozy winter!



Anonymous said...

These really are a simple, fun project. Everyone needs a snuggly blanket!

Unknown said...

What a fun project! I am headed to Joannes tomorrow- may have to pick up some fleece ;)

Missy in Texas said...

I love this idea!

Tania Pelletier said...

It's funny that you just posted this because I just made one of these blankets today for a friend! It was super easy to make and he LOVED it! I was thinking of making a white one for myself! :o)


Bonnie said...

Dumb question: why do you cut the square out of each corner?

Our Way said...

Bonnie, no question is ever dumb - the reason is it squares the corner so the fringe goes all around. I've made these before and they are great gifts. I love the white!! Marisa

CarrieP said...

I love the looks of this blanket. I am worried about what will happen when I wash it - will the knots come untied?

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