Thursday, December 12, 2013

~thrifty thursday~{creating holiday wall art}

Today's project would be a great gift idea for the game lover.
Scrabble imparticular.
I came up with this project because I had a frame laying around, but the glass was broken, and I didn't know what to do with it.
I decided to make something seasonal for our holiday house walk tour, so this is what I came up with.

You will need the following:

A frame with no glass
a piece of card stock or foam core {I used white foam core}
scrabble pieces
strong glue
a ruler or tape measure, and
a pencil

You will want to come up with a simple sentence or saying and lay it out ahead of time on your
counter to make sure it will fit in your frame.

I chose, "Merry Christmas to you" and my frame opening was 11x17.

Cut your foam core or card stock to fit inside your frame. Remember, no glass.
To measure in-between each letter, I used a pencil for even spacing.
In-between the words, I used a ruler.
And I used a colored pencil box to make sure it was straight on the left hand side when I started.
You can use anything that works for your frame size. This is just what I had on hand.

I let mine dry overnight and then it's ready to hang!



AntiqueChase said...

Hi Melanie,
I love this idea! So clever. I wanted to tell you (sorry if I already did) that I read your blog on a reader (bloglovin) and I can never click thru to comment. I always need to exit and come into your blog directly. Not sure if it's a setting or what, but thought maybe you would want to know...

Anyway, happy holidays and thanks for being my number one inspiration! Marcy

Debra said...

So cool, love how it is simple yet bright. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. :-)

nottooshabbymama said...

LOVE this!! I was wondering if you made that!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Unknown said...

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