Tuesday, December 10, 2013

~vegetable quiche recipe~

Fudge, cookies, peppermint mochas, eggnog, you know the drill.
All those yummy holiday treats which, if you are like me, you indulge in a little too much.
Whenever I have had a particulary bad food day, I try and make up for it by eating low fat and high protein foods.
This quiche is sure to reverse that muffin top.

***edited to say I added spinach as well…..



Judy said...

hi melaine,

I tried contacting you via e-mail as I have in the past but it came back and then when I clicked on your e-mail on the blog it would not show that either so hopefully you won't mind me leaving your this message....could you please tell me how you attached your wreaths to the shutters leaning against the wall in your den? I have shutters that look very much like yours and want to add some wreaths after seeing yours. Thanks! Judy
P.S. You can e-mail me at [email protected]

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