Tuesday, January 21, 2014

~a porch refresh~

I posted a photo of our little porch makeover I just did on instagram,
{under mysweetsavannah}
and it turned out to be my most liked photo!

The porch was looking rather neglected with it's dead fall flowers, and well, that was it.

So, out came the dead plants and in went a $20 boxwood from Home Depot.
I love boxwood, kinda have a slight obsession with them!

I also had a couple smaller boxwoods in little grey pots inside my home, so I moved those out too.

And, because I was on a boxwood craze, I rescued the other one in front from a different spot in the yard and planted it there too.
Easy, a little greenery goes a long way.

During the holidays I had a Christmas themed door mat, and since that holiday is over,
I decided to move my indoor outdoor rug from Ballard Designs out there.

A little welcoming artwork, and the porch was complete!

Voila! 10 minutes to a much more inviting entry!

p.s. I had a lot of questions on the house numbers on our door. I bought them years ago, can't remember where, but etsy sells a ton of vinyl decals……..



Our French Inspired Home said...

Great job making the space come alive again! One suggestion if I may; one of my pet peeves are electric boxes, meters, valves, etc. It seems like builders always place them (along with switches and vents) in the most awkward places. I have a suggestions for yours that I think would be charming. Get / build a cedar birdhouse that has no back and is large enough to house the meter face. You could even put little doll house shakes on the outside and stain them the same as your house to match. Then place a piano hinge along one side and attach it to the house so that the meter reader can still come up and swing open the birdhouse to read the meter. If it is read electronically you won't even need to worry about them opening it very often. Even without this your patio is charming. I hope you dont mind my suggestion. Thanks for sharing! - Tonya

Nancy's Notes said...

Your porch makeover is just great! Am loving the artwork, too cute!

Melaine Thompson said...

Hi Tonya! Unfortunately our power company will not let us conceal it in any way. it has to stay :(

Linda @ Itsy Bits And Pieces said...

I love this look...and the signs are pure whimsy!

Miss Charming said...

Absolutely love the prints! Great makeover.

Heloisa de Mesquita Inoue said...

Ficou lindo! Uma boa semana!

Number Fifty-Three said...

Fantastic & so simple! I'm in love with boxwoods, also!

Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

lafamigliadesignllc said...

Love this! Fun rug too! Getting ready to do the same!
XXO Monica

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