Monday, March 31, 2014

~a new favorite fabric~{made into pillows}

I have been a longtime fan of Urban Grace Interiors for some time now. 

Erika and I both share a love for the color green and her kitchen in her old house was to die for if you ask me. Very homey, colorful, and cozy. 

Besides all the green, I fell in love with the fabric on her window treatments.
It's by Victoria Hagan and it's called Four Seasons, in the autumn color way.

I quickly went online and searched for this fabric. 
It was then that I found 6 Wilson's shop on Etsy.

She has fabulous pillows and other antiques. 
My friends all laugh at me because they think I have a pillow addiction, but oh my goodness, you would too if you saw these right?

Carol shipped these out to me so fast.
They have a hidden zipper so I can wash them, very important in my house.
Every time I walk into this room I smile.
The color makes me so happy!



Mary Ann Pickett said...

Those pillows are awesome....I have the same addiction :)

[email protected] said...

Oh my gosh, Melaine! I gasped when I saw the first image, as your home is *exactly* the setting I saw these pillows in when I found that fabric! No joke, when I make up pillows or come across the perfect piece to offer in the shop, I always decorate a room around it in my head. I cannot get over how the compliment your room. Thank you SO MUCH for sharing them ;-)

Unknown said...

I need to update my couch pillows for summer! loving those!!!!

Abby M. Interiors said...

Stunning! Your home is the perfect fit for these pillows.

AndeM1 said...

This fabric and the pillows are beautiful. I too love Erika's style....>I was lucky enough to tour the coastal living house she did in Rosemary did not disappoint!

Twins And One said...

Love the pillows AND the table lamps. Where did you find them?

Ashley @ Life with Kids said...

Pretty!! I love green so much too!!!
Would love for you to link up your recipes to my blog on Mondays!!

Unknown said...

You Have shared very nice post... and your pillows are very beautiful..
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Donna said...

Love this fabric. It looks like the one in Heather Chadducks bedroom but a different color. My very favorite fabric. The pillow look great on your sofa. I went to Etsy shop but don't see any. Hope she will have more.

~ Lisa ~ said...


Are the frames behind your sofa 8 x 10 or 8 x 14?

I love the way you have it set it. Well, I love everything about your home. I'm still searching Craigslist "DAILY", several times a day, MANY times a day looking for a hutch, like yours or close so I can copy it for my dining room. I swoon over the picture OFTEN. I printed a picture and have it hanging at my desk. CRAZY... in love!!!

~ Lisa from Indiana ~

~ Lisa ~ said...

OOPS.... I meant 11 x 14, I forgot, I'm talking talking paper sizes... LOL...

~ Lisa from Indiana ~

Melaine Thompson said...

Lisa from Indiana! I measured the frames and they are right around 12x16! Hope this helps!

Melaine Thompson said...

twins and one~the lamps are from Home Goods although I have seen similar ones {smaller} at Target and believe it or not, Walmart! Pottery barn has some giant ones but they are expensive!

Dante Storey said...

I agree. The pillows are very pretty; no wonder you fell in love with it. The color and design adds another level of character to your sofa. Now I have an idea on what to do with mine. Thanks for sharing!

Dante Storey @ The Healthy Bed Store

Anonymous said...

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