Thursday, March 27, 2014

~thrifty thursday~{how to:decoupage tray}

I have been a longtime fan of John Derian, just not the price tags attached.
So, when I was at my local craft store and saw this glass tray for $3.99, I knew I had to try my hand at my own decoupage project.
{Ben Franklin for all you local gals}

This is what I gathered up to get started:

My glass tray {they have plates too}
scrapbook paper
images {I used Cavallini wrapping paper and cut my images out}

I did a little Internet research on this type of project first and everyone suggested sealing their images with acrylic sealer. I gathered maybe that this is only the case for images printed on your home printer, but nonetheless, I bought it anyway just in case. 

Of course you need mod podge and scissors and not pictured, black felt and spray adhesive, and gold paint. 

Every article I read suggested using a wine cork to smooth the bubbles out of the images after they had been place down on the tray. 

I couldn't find a wine cork anywhere, so I quickly downed a bottle of Chardonnay and set out to do my project. 

With a good buzz going,
{kidding of course}
I covered the backside of my clean tray with mod podge.

Next you want to place your images down, mine being fish.
{seal them with the acrylic sealer first if you wish}
Smooth out any air bubbles with that wine cork.

Apply another thin layer of mod podge where needed and add your scrapbook paper that has been cut to size. My paper was rather thick, so I soaked mine in a water bath for a quick second to make it more flimsy and workable. 

Work the bubbles out of that and apply another thin coat of mod podge over everything. 
Let dry overnight.

The next day you can paint the back of the tray any color you'd like.
 I chose a soft grey green.
{not pictured}
Let that dry completely. 
Next, using a small paint brush add gold paint to the edges.
You could also substitute a gold paint pen.

Once that was dry I coated the front and back with varnish, letting it dry overnight between.
{not pictured}

Then using spray adhesive you want to add a piece of felt to the back. 
This tray will be hung on the wall, so it adds that extra protection.
{these are not meant to be eaten off of, decorative purposes only}

And after that is dry, your plate is ready to be hung up!

And there you have it.
For under $10, a John Derian inspired tray!



Three Birds Inspired said...

Hmmm... Now you have me thinking about a glass table topper thingy for one of those round tables that were the rage back in the early 90s. The table is long gone but I am pretty sure the glass top is still in the basement. I am going to give this a go over the weekend!

angie said...

looove your idea!!! angie from germany

Nicki Rocky said...

Hmmm, so many ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

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