Friday, April 18, 2014

~pillow cover winner & 3 more EAT signs~

We have a winner for the 6 wilson pillow cover giveaway!
Thank you to all who entered.
The winner is Teresa who writes the blog Magazine Your Home.
Teresa said she likes the classic blue and white.
Cannot wait to see what you pick out!

 I had a few more people asking about these EAT signs in my etsy shop.
So…… I made 3 more and they are ready to ship.
They are probably the last ones I will ever make.
I've made 5,000 dozens of them and I might go a little insane if I have to make them again :)
Get em while you can!



[email protected] said...

Oh my goodness I WON! Thank you so much! Doing the happy dance here!

kmg said...

I would love to purchase one of your Eat Signs. Do you have any more?

Edmond G. Belanger said...

awesome post

Antonio said...

Pillows are fragmented without the Pillows covers in light of the fact that the spreads are what gives the Pillows their excellence and allure. In any case, it ought to be clear that diverse pads will require distinctive sort of spread and subsequently it is critical to recognize the numerous reasons for your Pillows.

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