Thursday, May 22, 2014

~how to make a faux wood arrow~{thrifty thursday}

While I was hard at work on the One Room Challenge, one of the things I looked into was new flooring. Although those two things called "time" and "budget" came into play, so we ended up just touching up the floor we have. 

One thing home improvement stores are offering now is free floor samples.
I think this is genius for visual people like myself.

You can bring home samples and lay them out to see what it would look like.

Here are some samples I brought home. It's a whitewashed faux wood.
Each piece measures approx. 3x6"

After sitting around for a while I decided I'd put them to use and make a faux wood arrow, and here is how you can as well!

Gather your supplies.
You will need:

Liquid nails, or another strong glue.
Blue painters tape {optional}
MDF, I had some left over from my faux snakeskin drawer liners.
A pencil and ruler. {Or tape measure}
A jigsaw.

Lay out your pieces of flooring on a piece of MDF and glue down.

Place heavy objects on top and let dry several hours to overnight.

The following day, remove your heavy objects and using a pencil and ruler sketch out your arrow shape. There are so many different arrows to choose from.
You can make a whimsical one, or a traditional one, up to you.

{If you need a pattern you can enlarge one that you print from home at a copy center, cut out, and trace around it.}

I used blue painters tape to outline where I had drawn the pencil because it was a little hard to see.

Using your jigsaw carefully cut out along your pencil/tape lines.
I left my edges raw but you could always add a contrasting color of paint for fun.

I think it turned out so cute!
This could be hung indoors or out, or just propped on a shelf.

Happy crafting!



colleen said...

I like the arrow but you could do initials as well great idea ;)

Melaine Thompson said...

Yes! Super cute idea!

Jen Widner said...

Love free! This is great!

Jen (House of Ruby Jean) said...

What a great idea! Love it!

Marielle Collins said...

It's so simple and so pretty! :)

painter1 said...

Great idea! Where did you find the mugs and rack,
so cute!

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