Wednesday, May 21, 2014

~my top 10 beauty splurges~

Yesterday I showed you my top 10 drugstore beauty products.
Today I am going to show you my top beauty splurges.

1~  First up is Origins Ginger Scrub. 
This smells amazing and leaves you skin so smooth.
It's around $35.00 and can be found here.
By the way, it lasts forever!

2~  This light scent is perfect for summer.
It reminds me of being on vacation, which who wouldn't love?
It's $76.00 and 
you can find it here.

3~  Kerastase shampoo and conditioner.
This stuff smells amazing and is well worth the money!
You can find it here.

4~  Pureology root lift is around $25.00 and it lasts a long time. I use this every time I blow dry my hair {which isn't often} but it is true to the name.
You can find it here.

5~  Origins Clear Improvement mask.
Love at $24.00.
You can find it here.

6~  When Hope Is Not Enough Serum.
$43.00 here.

7~  Origins whipped body cream.
Use this after the scrub for a total baby butt skin :)
$31.00 and it lasts forever too. You can find it here.

8~  MAC Studio Fix. You can wear this in place of foundation, or on top of.
Great for touch ups during the day. I have used this studio fix for over 10 years and swear by it.
Buy yours here.

9~  MAC first response eye cream, because anyone my age or older should eye wearing eye cream!
Find it here for around $30.00.

10~  Sebastian Shaper Hair spray. Another product I've been using for years. I am addicted to the smell. It's around $15.00 and works great!
You can find it here.

That's it friends, my top 10 beauty splurges. 
Have a great rest of your day!



Shannan Martin said...

My favorite scent in life is Origins Ginger Essence. #soulmates

Kathy Olson said...

I always love reading about what products other ladies use. Thanks so much! I'd love to try the Mac products.

Kathy said...

I have 1/2 of those...we're almost twins! The body scrub leaves the bathroom smelling amazing too!

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