Friday, July 18, 2014

~paint colors in our home~{& an idea to steal}

Do you ever go shopping and wonder if the pillow {or whatever it is you are looking at} will match something in your home?
This happens to me all the time, so I finally decided to do something about it.

You've all seen people take stir sticks and put their paint colors on them right?
Well, why not take it a step further and add fabric and wallpaper swatches?

You will need wooden paint stir sticks and book rings to start.

I cut mine down to 6" and sanded the raw edges.

Next, you will need to mark where you are going to drill your hole for the ring.

Using a drill with the appropriate size bit, drill a hole and sand till smooth if necessary. 

Dip each paint stick one by one in your paint colors and hang outside to dry.

Make sure each one is on a separate branch so they don't slide together.

While those are drying you can make some that have wallpaper or fabric swatches.
I simply taped mine on.

You can make individual rooms, or put them all on one ring.
I chose to do individual rooms. 
Label them with a tag that reads which room it belongs to, and simply write on the top of the stir sticks either the color, or what the color belongs too, or both!

That's it!
 It's super simple and small enough you can throw in your bag when you are out shopping.

Now onto our paint colors. All paint colors are in a eggshell finish unless noted.

Cabinets~Ben Moore Dove White
Pantry and island: custom grey green, formula here.
Walls~Ben Moore Revere Pewter

Oatmeal by Ralph Lauren

Walls: Martha Stewart Seal and Annie Sloan Old White
Bathroom walls: Annie Sloan Country Grey

Walls~Ben Moore Graphite and Ralph Lauren Oatmeal.
Master Bathroom~Ralph Lauren Oatmeal

Walls: Valspar Canoe Brown and Ralph Lauren Oatmeal

Mouse ears by Behr {disney}

Let me know if I skipped over anything.
Cheers to the weekend!


The Yellow Cape Cod said...

Melaine, This is brilliant! I will be stealing this idea, thanks!

{ L } said...

What an excellent idea! I think I'll do this, and write the paint mix code on paint sticks too.

[email protected] Crafting said...

Genius!! Totally doing this!

Unknown said...

Really adorable post. I love each pictures which shows unique designs and it is good to have these type of decorations for the home.

Lauren @ Bless'er House said...

Great idea! Definitely stealing that one. I had been considering Ben Moore Revere Pewter. Now that I know it's your gorgeous kitchen's paint color, I'm sold on it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Melaine, when you use Annie Sloan for walls, etc. do you water it down at all? I have used it on a lot of furniture but would like to use it on walls and am thinking it might be easier to use if it is thinned a bit. Also, do you use wax on the walls?
Thank you!
Lauren -- Pierce's mom :)

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Never thought of taping on the material, but do use the sticks with a ring. I'll be cutting them off in the future...that's genius. Also, I dip each ASCP and CC Calwell's and One-Step, etc., and write the color's name, like "Old White" on the stick. Home Depot can color match it, then I just add Plaster of Paris and I have the same color in homemade chalk paint at a way less cost!

Unknown said...

What a brilliant idea! I'm so doing this...thanks! Pinned!

Cindy DIY beautify said...

I love this idea!! My problem is that I'd probably leave it at home when I went shopping, lol! Maybe leaving it in the car would be the solution :)

Kristen Whitby said...

SO smart!! I love it!!

Sandi @ The Primitive Skate said...

Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!

Cecilia said...

I have seen the paint on the stick idea before but never adding the fabric and wallpaper. Great idea! I'm going to do this as I'm always wondering if I have the color right. Will save me a trip to return things that aren't right. Thanks for this idea!

SHERRY HART said... a great idea!!!

Grace said...

Such a fantastic idea!

Melaine Thompson said...

Hey Lauren! How are you? I didn't water it down and yes, I did wax them but I think you could skip this step! Xoxo

[email protected] said...

I've just been catching up on reading, and you are so dang creative, Melaine! Just fyi, I still have your invoice for advertising. Things have been so slow in the shop (I've been focused on a new project and been distracted!!) that I haven't had the profit for advertising, but that is all about to change, so I will be back to you ;-)

Allison said...

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Paul said...

Nice tips. Perfect for our house in Lapu-lapu City.

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