Tuesday, August 26, 2014

~make a sign from a memorable kids letter~

My kids are getting older.
They are almost 12 and 16.
But over the years I have saved thousands of pieces of artwork, little letters, and I've written down funny little things they have said.

I went through Savannah's box up in the attic with her the other day and we were laughing at all the funny little things she said when she was little. 

I decided I would like to showcase one of her little letters to me by painting it on a sign.
You can do this with not only kids letters, but love letters, or letters that loved ones who have passed on had written to you.
It's a great way to showcase these special mementos.

I cannot wait to find one of Cody's sweet pieces and create art with it too.

Start with your letter.

Enlarge it to fit the size of wood you are painting on.
{I used a 16" x 16" piece of  MDF}
I enlarged it on my home printer so I had to piece it together.

Flip it over and scribble pencil all over the back side of the lettering.

Position it on your painted piece of MDF and tape down in place.
{I used Annie Sloan Old White}

I got Savannah to trace over the outline of the letters.
It was strange seeing her 15 year old hands tracing over her 7 year old handwriting. 

Once you have traced everything, remove and recycle the paper.
You will be left with the outline where the pencil has transferred.

Fill in the lettering with black craft paint and a small skinny artist brush.

When dry, distress the whole piece with sandpaper, and then go over it with clear wax.
{I use Annie Sloan wax, but you can use any clear minwax from the home improvement store}

Now you need to make a frame.

My MDF was 16" x 16" so I cut 4 pieces of 1x2's at 16" 
{inside measurement}
on 45 degree angles, and nailed together with a nail gun 
supported by pieces of 1x2's in each corner.
If you don't have a nail gun you can use wood glue and clamp it together until it is dry.
Use a few finish nails to ensure stability.

I wiped on a little gray stain and let that dry.

Now all you have to do is pop in the wood to the frame and display!

I hope I have inspired you to dig through those boxes and create some memorable art for your home!


Lynn said...

Very creative & sweet...Love this
idea... I need to get up in the attic to dig through the saved treasures from my son...Thank you for sharing!

Lara said...

This is a great idea! I'll have to remember this for when my little man starts drawing and writing. Thank you so much for sharing!


Joannasamples said...

Where do you get that stain?

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

So sweet!!

nottooshabbymama said...

How adorably creative Melanie!!! I swear you have the best DIY's!!! It must have been so much fun going through memory lane....

Little Farmstead said...

SO sweet! I LOVE it.

Unknown said...

Cute! and an awesome idea.

Lauren @ Bless'er House said...

This is so perfect! Almost makes me ready for my little one to start writing...almost.

Anonymous said...

Looks very much like a Sugaboo Designs product. Great piece of work for a fraction of the cost.

Melaine Thompson said...

Home Depot!

Anonymous said...

This is precious and will always be a keepsake in your family, thanks for the great tutorial!

Unknown said...

When my Adam was little he wrote me a note that said "I love you and you are my sun" he drew a little sunshine next to it. Such a sweet memory- perfect for this project!

christyjames said...

These are genius! Love this idea, thank you for sharing this.
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