Friday, August 22, 2014

~winnners announced~

Thanks to all who participated in the Luvsome dog food giveaway.
For a recap, these winners will win a Luvsome switch kit, coupons for free dog food, and a $50.00 Kroger gift card to spend anyway they like!

The first winner is Pam Ballard.
You can visit her on her blog here.
The second winner is Patricia Goins, and you can visit her on her blog here!

Thanks again, and happy Friday!



Patricia Goins said...

Woot!! I mean, Woof!!!

laura Madalene said...

You know I'm always happy to read your posts!!! Fantastic again and again and again!!!
Relaxing Apartment

pballard said...

Oh my goodness. Im beyond blessed. My pooches will thank you too! What a way to start the day! Congrats to Patricia too!

angie said...

loooove your dog!!!!! angie

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Kristine Stevart said...

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