Monday, September 8, 2014


I wouldn't say I am a collector of ironstone,
 but I love it and whenever I see it at thrift shops or garage sales, I scoop it up.

 It looks pretty sitting on open shelving and comes in handy for holidays or large dinner parties.
I've also displayed ironstone plates on the wall in our dining room.

Before I had this many pieces I would mix in inexpensive white dishes 
from places like the dollar store.

Many of my pieces are chipped, but I think that just adds to the character.

And I don't think I've ever paid more than $15 for a piece.
Like I said, I'm not a serious collector, I just like the look of the crackled glaze, 
and of course, the color.



Wild Oak Designs said...

I love ironstone too....white makes a meal pop on the plate.....

Jodi said...

I love ironstone too...just the simple design is just so pretty to me. I don't have many pieces, just what was my Mom's. I always have my eye out for other pieces, but they are always so expensive around here. :) Maybe I need to make a trip to WA!!:)
Take care!

Unknown said...

I love ironstone as well but only use my pieces for display after doing some research. The FDA does not recommend using old ironstone if it shows signs of deterioration such as cracking or pitting of the glaze. This could be a sign that the glaze is disintegrating and could allow lead to leach into food. You can check the lead levels of your pieces by using a home test kit. In addition, it is very easy for food particles and bacteria to seep into the clay under the chipped glaze.

Shabby Sheshe said...

I ❤️ ironstone! But you already knew that!

flourish home said...

If ever you decide to sell any of your pieces, I'm interested! L O V E ironstone!

amy of four corners design said...

yes...pick up interesting pieces whenever I find them...the cheaper (and the more well-loved!) the better!

graywolff said... ARE a collector!

Marisa Franca said...

I love white plates and serving pieces. They look so elegant and any food looks great on it. I have just a few pieces and hope to acquire more.

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