Tuesday, October 21, 2014

~pull out kitchen storage~{in our kitchen}

There is nothing worse than needing a pan to cook 
with and having it be at the bottom of a pile of 20 more. 
I can't stand cluttered cabinets and I used to have them.

For Christmas one year my dad built me custom pull out 
shelving for my kitchen island and it has been a dream.

Everything has it's own place and is nicely divided up between drawers inside the cabinets.
{and now you know my secret, I did not paint the inside of my cabinet doors!}

I believe places like Home Depot and Lowes sells kits similar to these.
Just thought I'd pass this along because it has helped out so much in our own kitchen!



Unknown said...

I know exactly what are you talking about! I have the same problem in the kitchen and your pull out shelving is really genious! Thanks for the inspiration!
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Sarah @ 702 Park Project said...

I'm desperate for some pull out shelves! The cabinets in our 1902 house are SO deep...I never know what's lurking back there!

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