Thursday, October 23, 2014

~thrifty thursday~{diy wood arrow}

This is the simplest arrow to make and you can make
 it very inexpensively using one piece of MDF.
It will run you around $20.00.

Here are the tools and pieces you will need.
I used a chop saw and a jigsaw, liquid nails, paint, dark wax, and of course the mdf.

A~ 6 pieces that measure 10" and both ends cut on a 45 degree angle.
B~ 2 triangle pieces 10" {on the longest side}
C~ 1 skinny piece with the end notched out, it measures 2" x 24" 
D~ 1 fat piece, it measures 6" x 36" notched out at one end

You should have 10 pieces total.

You can pre paint the pieces at this point, or paint it when it is all assembled.

Start with D and attach C to the middle.
(use liquid nails for these steps}
Add one B piece, then the other, slightly higher, on the end that is not notched out.
At the end that is notched out, add the A pieces.
Let it dry and distress using dark wax or whatever method you prefer.

That's all!

On mine, I used Annie Sloan Old White paint with a combo of light and dark wax.
Have a great day!



alison said...

LOVE it! Might have to get my husband to whip one out tonight. I'm no good with power tools :/

Burlap Luxe said...

Lové the arrow and I could so make this, and I am wondering why I have not made this at sometime or another.
It's a great directional sign that would inspire any direction one is designing around, or adding typography words.

Great post.



Robin Johnson said...

Love this project so much. Thanks

Sue@pineapplehillinteriors said...

Super project! I think I'll make one this weekend!
Have a great day!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

You are so talented and creative!

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