Tuesday, November 25, 2014

~a stylist's fashionable home tour~

Meet my friend Tiffany.
She lives in West Seattle with her husband Kyle and their 8 year old twins Flynn and Lula James. 
Tiffany is a Stylist and Personal Shopper working with clients in NY, SF, LA, and Seattle. 
You can take a peek at her work right here.
All photography by Deb Achak. 
Are you ready for the fabulous tour?
Let's start with this fabulous kitchen:

The kitchen is painted C2 Shaker.
The floor is eco friendly Marmoleum. 
The refrigerator is a chalkboard that has their weekly schedule including meals {each family member gets to choose one week a meal}
Pendants are Serena and Lily.
Espresso machine is by rocket, and the sign by the refrigerator says, "stop worrying" and is torn from a photo book and placed in a vintage frame. 

The dining room:
Walls are high gloss Benjamin Moore Hale Navy.
The wave print is from Ikea.
The end chairs were purchased for $25 at Senior Center and painted a high gloss white and seats recovered in blue leopard.
The table used to be her husbands desk. She covered it in a white leather hyde and topped that with stamped glass with reverse painted gold and added gold tacks to hold it all together. 
The gold tassel bench is from a flea market.

The guest bedroom is where she takes all her blog photos.
Walls are Benjamin Moore Sky Blue.
The vanity is from a flea market and she recovered the seat with pink velvet.
The bed is a French made canopy from San Francisco with World Market drapes on all four sides. 

I love her living room.
Walls are painted Benjamin Moore Pink Bliss.
The piece above the mantle is a brass vintage light fixture sprayed white.
Flamingos are from Pacific Galleries 
{which if you live in this area, you know Pacific Galleries!}
The rolling ottoman Tiffany picked up at a garage sale and the chairs are from Ikea.
The pillows are all custom except the elephant, which is also from Pacific Galleries. 
The hide rug is from World Market. 
The blanket is vintage from Sand Point Idaho, and the gold table is from Target. 
Green lamp was $25 at a flea market.
The large mirror is antique and the painting is done by her talented twin sister.
Her website is here. 
The vintage tribal breast plate from the 60's is from a garage sale in West Seattle and was only $25.00.
The silver pouf is from Target, similar here.

This stair runner is actually 3 Dash and Albert woven area rugs repurposed to make a runner.

The office was originally a mud room. The walls are raspberry {by Authentic Home} and inside of cabinets is painted matte grey.
{Dove Gray, Authentic Home}
The rug is from Pacific Galleries, as well as the chair.
The wooden elephant is from a flea market.

The twins room:
Beds from Craigslist, painted white.
Bedding from Target with assorted pillows.
Light is from Crate and Barrel, 
{similar here}
and the bedside table from a garage sale.

The master bedroom is my favorite!

Rugs are from Santa Fe. The dresser used to be painted metal and she stripped it. The antique end tables have their polished slate tops turned upside down to be chalkboards.
The purple lamps are from Pottery Barn and the walls are matte black, Benjamin Moore Baby Seal Black.

The hallway is painted Dove Gray with Ikea frames holding assorted photos and kids artwork.

And just for fun.....

Love, love, love this home.
In fact, I am totally obsessed. 
Thank you Tiffany for letting us all in!


Julie @ Creating This Life said...

What a unique home. I love how it reflects the personalities of the people who live there. A great family home! Thanks for sharing all the paint colors.

Unknown said...

absolutely gorgeous!!! i'm in love!

Shannon said...

Gorgeous!!! Thanks for sharing.

Emily A. Clark said...

This is a great house! So glad you shared it. Her hair is adorable, too :)

marilyn said...

your old blog has been hacked...I believe! check it out.

karen said...

Whew!! Love it all. That is the CUTEST haircut ev ah!

Any details on the leopard bag in the stair photo?

Donna said...

Love it too. It's so different. Those homes that show so much personality are my favorites. Yes, the leopard bag is cute too. Any idea?

Anonymous said...

Love all the colors, especially the pink.

Unknown said...

I don't think I've EVER pinned so many images from 1 post before. ;) This is by far the most beautiful and uniquely styled home I've seen in a very long time. LOVED all! Thanks so much for sharing and for your gorgeous photos! You're such a great photographer. xoxo

Olivia said...

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Devin Newton said...

There is no doubt that this house’s owner is a stylist – it looks so neat and coordinated. It has a character that mirrors that of its owner. Thank you for letting us take a peek of your friend’s house. Cheers!

Devin Newton @ Indy Market Homes

Elaine Mick said...

Is there any way to find out where she purchased that amazing Santa Fe Rug. We ended up hanging some art in our Navy master bedroom that pulls out some mocha and terra cotta colors. I think this would be an amazing addition, after I found the picture on pinterest!

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Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

I also love designing. If I had to pick one photograph, I like the built in office. I think, everyone needs one. All in all, the style is stunning.

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