Thursday, November 13, 2014

~DIY marquee numbers~{thrifty Thursday}

For Savannah's birthday I needed something really large to go over the mantle in the lodge where we had her party.

I decided to do a different take on the star I made here.

I started by printing out my numbers at home.
Then I took them to my local copy center and using their oversized copier, printed them out to be around 3' tall.
The font I used can be downloaded here.

Next, cut out each individual number and tape down to a piece of plywood.

Trace around each number with a ball point pen.

Using a jigsaw, cut out each number and sand any rough edges down.

Then you will need a large drill bit to drill holes for where your light bulbs will go.
You can do this before or after you paint it.

Once it's all painted out and your holes are drilled, set your bulbs aside and begin placing your cords through the holes, stapling as you go. To reinforce mine, I used a bit of strong glue in each hole and then taped it down to dry overnight before putting the bulbs back in.

I chose these round white cafe lights I picked up at Target on clearance.

Here it is lit up on the mantle at the party.
It made a huge impact for only around $30.

Last photo from Trimood Photography.


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