Friday, December 19, 2014

~DIY scrap wood Christmas tree~

I apologize for not posting this yesterday for thrifty Thursday but my computer was down.

For this scrap tree you will need the following:

Felted wool balls {optional, you can use pom poms}
1x2 wood cut at varying lengths
paint color of your choice
a piece of scrap wood cut into a square for base, approx. 5"x5"
hot glue gun
liquid nails or wood glue

Etsy has a good selection of these wool balls.
Cut 1x2 wood into varying lengths. 
You will also need a base. Mine was a 1x6 I cut into a square.
You will also need a small scrap 1x2 for the tree trunk.

After you cut them, sand any rough edges and paint all the pieces.
Once dry, sand the edges if you like a little aged look.
Then attach your tree trunk to your base. 
I used a combination of liquid nails and an air nailer with small nails.
Then you just start working your way up the tree with your branches, adding them in a random fashion.

The top piece of wood can be standing vertical to create the illusion of a star.

Using hot glue, add the felted wood balls.



Pamela said...

What a cute project!

Anonymous said...


Tanja Obergföll said...

So cute....
Have a wonderful christmas
Greetings from Germany

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Super cute !Happy Holidays Sweetie

Kathy said...


The Herlings said...

Oh my cuteness! I am doing this tonight! Thanks for sharing and posting this!

gedesagus yudistira said...

An usefull post,thx to admin for the article

Mank Solin said...

Nice, Thanks :D

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