Wednesday, December 17, 2014

~make a custom picture frame~

If you follow the steps found here you can make this adorable picture frame.
The best part about these frames is that you can use any paper to match your decor, you can even use fabric, or like in the link above, wallpaper.

To add the text simply run your scrapbook paper through your printer!
Make sure it is trimmed to a 8 1/2 x 11 and print a sample piece first.
If it prints wrong, you can adjust the text without ruining your final paper.

I cut apart our last years Christmas card from Minted to fit in the opening.

And here is this years card, again done by Minted.

Happy happy holidays friends!
It's actually my 40th birthday today, so I am off for a little fun with the family.



Unknown said...

Happy 40th Birthday!
I hope you have a relaxing fun filled Birthday spent with the ones you love. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Little Farmstead said...

Happy, happy birthday! Beautiful family pictures. ~julie

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Melaine!! Hope you had a fab time in Vegas! Wishing you all the best adventures in this new decade for you, sweet lady!!

Unknown said...

Love the frame, and a very happy birthday to you :)

The Herlings said...

HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY! Hope it was a great one. You make 40 look to too good!

Anonymous said...

That is an adorable picture frame. I am a photographer and am always giving pictures as gifts. The idea of custom frames is a great one. I think my friends and even clients would love them.

Unknown said...

That is so sweet. Casual photos look so nice and warm. Framed photo looks more sweet, it's like the true end of the story, and framed photo memoriezed better, don't they? So, if someday u will change your mind about frames visit and u will find a lot of great stuff. Cheers.

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