Wednesday, January 7, 2015

~blue & white~

Over the past year or so I have started collecting blue and white pottery.
There is no rhyme or reason to my collection.
90% of them have been found at thrift stores, some gifted to me.

I love the look and think it fits in with so many different styles, and it works well year round.
I went back through my photos and found all of them that included my blue and white.
Hope you enjoy the roundup and seeing how they can work in any season.

 I have 3 of these vases and they are my favorite out of all.
You will see them in many photos.

I also love these little pieces.

Here is that same little bowl holding soap by the kitchen sink.

Red, white, and blue, isn't just for the 4th of July.
Mixed with green, it looks stunning during the Christmas season.

Mixed with mercury glass for a simple centerpiece.

It looks great with all colors of flowers.

This mug is from Anthropologie. 
Not all blue and white has to be vintage.

I tend to lean towards the pieces with the more muted blues.

And dishes, they are easily found at discount stores like Ross and TJ Maxx.

This one is full of chips and cracks, but I still liked it.

Another bowl holds sugar packets by the coffee maker.

This is my latest find.
The roses cost twice as much as the vessel itself!

Have a great day!


[email protected] said...

Nothing like a little blue...always a classic! Jane

Leslie Harris said...

Your vignettes are so pretty. I'm such a fan of blue and white.

[email protected]├ębec said...

I slowly started collecting blue and white a few years ago. It has such a fresh feel to it yet at the same time it feels like a collection with stories. I have gotten some good deals on ebay that I cherish.

paperjunk-lc said...

I've always loved blue and white pieces, glad to have a classic so back in vogue! And I'm with you it goes with so many seasons.

Unknown said...

I love your blog, been following you for years. I've just started my own and would love feedback if you I said, Just Starting Out. A little love would be great!

Blondie's Journal said...

Blue and white is a classic and you've give a nice modern spin on it!

Jane x

Christy K said...

I love blue and white as well. My wedding china from 28 years ago is blue and white (mostly white) and I still love it. It is a classic combination that is so soothing.

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