Thursday, January 29, 2015

~thrifty Thursday~{super bowl table runner}

Do you want to make a custom table runner for the big game?
All you need is a little time and the following:

Brown craft paper. You can buy postal wrap or brown craft wrapping paper.
This can be found at any office supply store, Target, etc.

Sharpies in the color of your team, mine are blue and green, duh :)

You will need letters and numbers, you can buy these at the office supply store as well.
You will also need a ruler.

Start by cutting your paper to the length of your table, plus some for overhang.

You can use this diagram as a reference:

It's best to pencil in all the lines first, then go over once you are satisfied, with your sharpie.
A fine point sharpie works best for the inside and a fat tip for the border.

After everything is drawn out you can start adding your numbers and letters
 according to the diagram above.

Go Hawks!



prince snow farm said...

Red, white, and blue here baby!!!! We will have battling Super Bowl crafts! :)

Stacey {steward of design} said...

Very cute! Go Hawks!!!

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

love this cute idea for the party!

Kerri said...

Super cute idea! Mine would be Red, White and Blue!

Unknown said...

Super cute idea! And something easy to put on the table! Thank you!

Karen said...

What a cute idea. How fun. Go Seahawks!

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