Monday, February 9, 2015

~a new Pinterest board~{modern style}

Stick with just one style?
I say, no way!
I am loving touches of modern, just a bit, for the home.
All these images are from a new board I created on Pinterest.
You can follow along here if you'd like.

What are you crushing on right now?


Mary Beth at said...

So funny you posted these mod photos. I have a modern farmhouse and just posted a photo of my office workspace I just cleaned today and someone commented "that's a lot of white". He should these photos too! Love 'em all

Cecilia said...

I'm crushing on greys and chippy style. And less clutter. I need to get rid of stuff! I think that's what I like about your choices - so streamlined.

Tone said...

Hi! I just descovered youre blog on Pinterest! I to love having mixed styles in our home. And just a little hint of modern. Our tv room is more modern and simple, while the dining room has more of a cottage, nordic vintage feel to it. I would love for you to stop by sometime and check out my blog:) In the meantime, I`ll have a look at your new pinterest board:)

Nicki said...

My mind has been on the same track too, and I've had the urge to add modern touches to my home. Love the pics!

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