Wednesday, February 11, 2015

~lately loving~

I just purchased this lamp from World Market and I love it so much,
 I might go back and get another one.

I also just got 2 new barstools for a project I will be sharing soon.
But for now, they sit in my dining room.

I got these from
I was searching their site for something totally unrelated and stumbled upon these and fell in love. They are even better in person. Now that I go back to find them, of course I can't find them. 
But they not only sell home decor, they also sell everything you would need if you were doing a bathroom or kitchen renovation.
They have hardware, lighting, fans, flooring, appliances, and heating and cooling.
It's basically a big online home improvement store with furniture, wall decor, accessories, and rugs.
One stop shopping without leaving your house.
I love it when I can shop in my pajamas :)

They also have helpful articles and installation guides and a very helpful customer service team.

I also got this to give as a gift.
It's so sweet.

I also love this stool from

And, I am still loving using industrial pipe in projects.
In fact, I have another coming up for you!
Remember this pipe light fixture we made?
You can find the pendant lights here.

Have a great Wednesday, we are halfway to the weekend!


Jordan said...

I love these! The inudstrial look to all of them is amazing. Especially those barstools!

Donna said...

Love all of this! Did you ever purchase that ivory and black table lamp you were looking for awhile back? It was shown on Fixer Upper at Magnolia Market and a few other places but can't find it now. Do you remember who made it?

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