Tuesday, March 31, 2015

~love your home challenge~


Do you all know Melissa from The Inspired Room? Well, I  was invited to complete a simple Love Your Home Challenge inspired by her new book Love The Home You Have written by her!

This book is fabulous. 
It really hit home for me, everything she shared about her experiences being a homeowner and trying to keep up with the Jones'

If you would like a copy for yourself you can buy one on Amazon here.

This book will teach you how to transform your rooms (and your life) from plainly livable to fabulously lovable.

So, the challenge was, for me {and other fabulous bloggers}
to transform one space from ordinary to extraordinary, in a very simple way.

I chose to do an exterior space. 
After a long winter, everything outside starts to look plain and drab. Not much color, plants have no leaves, and while the sun is starting to show it's face, there is still not a lot of excitement going on.

Our steps leading to our deck were feeling very plain and overlooked.
After sweeping off the stairs and doing a little weeding, I planted a couple vintage olive baskets with fresh flowers.
Just raking the dirt made everything come to life!

I also made a sign out of a old piece of wood I had, using simple letters I painted.
{come back Thursday to see the tutorial and to get details}

A couple hours on a sunny afternoon made all the difference.
This space makes me smile now when I pull up into our driveway.

Go here for the full list of participants.
Have a great day!


kristincita said...

It looks beautiful !!!!! I love every element. What a wonderful welcome. "Curb appeal" indeed!!!

Little Farmstead said...

LOVE your sign and new plantings! I can feel the love of family and home! :) ~julie

Alison- The Pink Tumbleweed said...


Angie said...

Hi Melanie,

What color of stain did you use?

Thank you!

Stacy Risenmay said...

WOW! Talk about curb appeal! Love it :)

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

WOW! I don't think I've ever seen your home from the street. That is fabulous!! I want to move in. What a glorious setting and entrance. So inspiring! Thank you so very much for being a part of this day with me! So honored to have you. Thank you, friend!!!

Unknown said...

Your home feels like a retreat! I'm enamored!

Anonymous said...

3601Very very nice! And I love seeing Harley (at least I think it's Harley)!

Richard C. Lambert said...

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Elsa said...

Beautiful home and some great photography.

MaryB said...

Amazing home, would love to be able to create a home like this.

Maria said...

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Gia Khánh said...

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Unknown said...

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