Friday, March 27, 2015

~things you can buy from our kitchen~

Whenever I see a room I love on the internet, I always want to know where to purchase the items in it.
Not that you are just dying to know where I buy my things, but in case you are curious, I have come up with a list.

The door decal of our address I bought off etsy years ago and I don't remember the seller.
You can find similar here.

The urn that the lilacs are in is one of my favorites.
It moves room to room, and it comes in various sizes. You can find mine here.
The barn wood framed photos are from here.

I have had this clock for about 10 years and it moves from room to room.
It's huge, love it's scale.
You can find it here.

The vase below is antique but similar ones can be found here.

This rug runner is super.
It actually burned when our dishwasher caught fire, and I need to replace it!

It's funny how it's sometimes the small things that make a space.
This hand soap has the freshest scent and while it is a little pricey, I say it's worth it!

These barstools came from Pier One years ago and they don't carry them anymore.
However, I found similar ones here.
And they are on sale!

{I painted mine}

Every time I go into Anthropologie I pick up another one of these mugs. 
Love, love, love them.
I have two kinds here. 
They are really fun to spell out words too like "love" and use them as vases!

This mug rack is vintage but you can find a really inexpensive smaller version here, 
which I have as well.
To read more about our kitchen and for more details, go here.
Happy weekend!


hisprodigaldaughter said...

Perhaps my dream kitchen. Neutral and light but so warm and inviting. Impeccable. I especially love your ginger jar vase and your nook wallpaper. You have excellent taste!

hisprodigaldaughter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I like your just runner. I am considering a larger one for my living room. Is it really rough/scratchy?

Melaine Thompson said...

No! Not too bad!

Catherine B. said...

Where did you get the checkered chair cushions?

KLW said...

Your dishwasher caught fire? Oh my!

Sandy said...

Melaine, I always love your posts!!
I sent you a private message on FB....
I'm trying to figure out where I ordered a certain sign......
Have a great weekend!!!!
Sandy R

Sally said...

Your kitchen is beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing your sources. It is very much appreciated.n I love your home.

Unknown said...

What about the nook wallpaper??? Love love love it!!!

Robert said...

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