Wednesday, April 22, 2015

~back from vacation & fathers day with Minted~

What a relaxing week off!
Our time in Maui went way to fast, but it is always nice to be back home.
As I was going through photos yesterday I realized that Fathers Day is creeping up, and since I had all these great photos, I made something special for the kids to give their dad.

I chose the Family & Friends from Minted in a 16x20 with a barn wood frame 
and I just love how it looks!
What do you think?

This will be something special for him that will remind him of our time on the island.

Minted has other fun things for dad too.

Look at this adorable customizable wrapping paper!

Or this one:

There is even notepads you can add a photo too:

All opinions on Minted are my own, just sharing the love.



Nancy's Notes said...

What sweet photographs from your trip! And the memory items from Mint are absolutely awesome! A father is going to be mighty happy this Father's Day! Great post!


Unknown said...


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