Thursday, April 9, 2015

~thrifty Thursday~{diy basketball hoop}

Did you catch this episode of Magnolia Farms?

There was this DIY basketball hoop that I fell in love with.

So I found some free pallets on the side of the road, loaded them up and brought them home.
They were a paint to get all the wood off in tact, but I managed to salvage enough wood from 2 pallets.

With that wood I made this frame:

Then I "filled in" the frame with the pallet boards cut to length.

Next came the task of finding an old hoop.
I went to about 100 different thrift shops looking, and nothing.
I searched craigslist and ebay but they were really expensive.
So, while talking out loud to myself one day about it, 
my son says, 
"oh, I just found one of those in the woods!"
 He then hauls in this basketball hoop.
Voila, sometimes things just fall into place.
I had found the net at a thrift shop while I was out looking for the hoop.

Naturally, I hung it in his room so he can play hoops from bed.
His reward for all his help :)

I just love it when projects turn out as planned!


Megan said...

LOVE it!!!


Laurie from Laurie Jones Home said...

Ok this is a great project but what I love even more is that your son found the hoop in the forest!!!

jackie said...

This is such a great idea for a boys room....wish I had of thought of this years ago before our son grew up! Oh well I will keep it in my idea book for maybe someday a grandson!

Anna D Kart said...

HAHA this all sounds too good to be true - found on the side of the road? in the woods? lol
Made me laugh!
But such a cool piece of decor

Happy Medley Blog

Row homes and Cobblestones said...

Yup, Fixer Upper with JoJo and Chip inspires us all. Enjoyed hearing how your project came together.

Becki Griffin said...

So stinkin' good. My boys would freak out over this. But there's two of them and that equals a lot of noise so it's not happening. Please don't show them this ;)

Donna C. said...

So great! U executed that idea to perfection! One lucky boy to have such a talented Momma!

Karen Mcclurg said...

Very nice. Your Son was killer finding that hoop. Love the project.

Rarely do I ever post a comment on any blog , I really enjoy your blog and do NOT like those crazy pop ups. PLEASE spare us.

Angie Rice said...

I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw this show. Love it. I even emailed to try to get dimensions. Can you please share the dimensions you used please!!!??

Sandy said...

Melaine, once again...doing great work!! I LOVE "Fixer Upper"....they're in my wonderful state of TX!!!
Loved your "chat" over at Living Pretty fav color is GREEN too!

Beth W. said...

That backboard could be used for so many things :). How did you attach the inner boards to the frame, though? Great project! --Beth

patootie said...

You sure have fantastic thrift shops!!! Even brand new basketball! Just wow!

Anonymous said...

What are the measurements of the backboard wood pallet frame

Angie Rice said...

Do you not reply to your comments?

s.duane said...

I saw this episode and so did my boys! I told them that would be awesome for their room! i might just make one now! Thanks for sharing!

Andy said...

how did you hang it one the wall?

Bethany R Green said...

I love this! How did you mount this to the wall without seeing any noticeable screws on the face of the backboard?

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