Friday, May 22, 2015

~living room refresh~

I teamed up with these lovely bloggers to show you how to refresh your living room!

Sometimes we all just need a little pick me up, some fresh new pillows, flowers from the garden, etc. to brighten things up.

When it came to our living room I thought really hard about the purpose this room serves. What we really use this space for. 
I also kept in consideration the upcoming summer months, and how it is used during that time.

I came to the conclusion that this really is a kid hang out room in the summer. 
The kids go swimming in the lake and then come back and plop down on the couch for a movie, maybe a board game on the coffee table, a few snacks….

So, here is how I added a little life and summer fun into our living room!
{sources at the bottom of the post}

The very first thing I did was hang this flag.
I have had it forever, as well as the frame, so I put it together, got on a ladder and hung it up high!
The ceilings in our living room are 12' tall, so it filled up this space nicely.

I think the flag might be my favorite part of the room.

Now here's a funny story.
When I had the ladder on top of that console table to hang the flag, I stepped back to view it all and realized how nicely the blue in the ladder looked with the flag!
So I took a copy of the ladder with my phone and took it to the hardware store and picked 
out a paint to match.
I painted this bucket and added fresh flowers from the yard.

Ok, I lied.
This coffee table is my new favorite.
And it has a story.
It was my husbands when he was little, how special is that?
The whole piece was green, which happens to be my favorite color, but after getting it in the room I realized it was just too much color.
So, I sanded down the top to reveal the wood and put a coat of clear wax on it to seal it.
It's much bigger than our previous coffee table and I am loving to!
I also had to cut 3" off of each leg to make it the right height.

Since a few days ago when I did this little living room refresh, we have played many games of junior trivia and dominoes. :)

I brought out some more of the kids' board games and piled them high on my books.

I also piled on the pillows.
Lots and lots of pillows, most I had but I did pick up the blue vintage ticking ones at a antique store.
I wanted to keep the pillows fairly neutral since there is so much color going on in the room elsewhere.

Do you see how just a few accessories and pops of color can change the look entirely? 
Here is a before picture:

And after:


Lamps~ Homegoods
Wood bucket~ Home Depot
Paint on Wood bucket~ Behr "tornado season"
Shutters~ antique
Gallery frames~ {I don't see the exact ones, mine are about 13x17} Ikea
Flag~ My Sweet Savannah
Pillows~ Dreamy Whites, Great Findz, vintage {similar here}
Sectional~ Pottery Barn
Ceiling light~ Pottery Barn
Jute Rug~ {8x10}  Rugs USA
Zebra rug~ local antique store
Console Table~ Farm Chicks Antique Show
Bench behind couch~ Craigslist
Wall color~ Behr Swiss Coffee


jo said...

The room looks awesome!! I just wanted to let you know that based on your comments, I ordered the jute rug that you have from Rugs USA. I hemmed and hawed a long time, read all the reviews (almost all of which were positive), debated about how much the negative end fraying reviews bothered me, and decided not enough to keep from ordering it. Well, I love it. It's very soft, I love the variation, and now what I love most is the freedom I have to paint the room. I had a burgundy type rug before and I was very limited. So now I can hem and haw over what color to paint the room. Thanks for sharing about the rug and thanks for your comments about the fraying when I asked you. I'm happy!!! Have a great weekend.

Cassie Bustamante said...

love that flag, and the coffee table was the first thing i noticed! love the green!

[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Love the new colors you've added and that flag is fabulous.

Karena said...

The American Flag is a brilliant addition and adds so much fresh bright color and the coffee table, with its history! Of course I love anything with a lot of meaning!! Perfect!!

Have a wonderful weekend!
The Arts by Karena

Rene Schmidt said...

Longggg time reader .. have never commented. But this was too good NOT to comment! Beautiful!!! Especially LOVE the flag. And the table (that shade of green is my fav). And the pillows. Perfection!!

Taylor Greenwalt said...

I love the changes...the red in the flag adds a punch of color...

Meg said...

Love the the blue..Love the coffee table!

Melaine Thompson said...

Thank u Meg!

Melaine Thompson said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment rene!

Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

What a gorgeous room! I could move right in. And it's so important to have a room where kids feel comfortable and can have fun!!! That flag is an amazing addition! Pulls the eye right up to the ceiling!!! Summer Perfection!!!

Karen said...

Your room looks magazine worthy for the summer! I love the flag and always appreciate stories behind furnishings. The green table is wonderful.
Enjoy the long weekend.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

I love that the coffee table has such a great story behind it. And it brings great fun to the room. And high five to hanging things all the way up to the ceiling. Looks great!

Mary Ann Pickett said...

I love the way the American flag draws your eye up and it feels farmhouse/urban/chic! And adapting a family heirloom table is so cool. Love the green splash and all those comfy pillows. It's a pretty room for the whole family. Nice job!!! Thanks for the great ideas and for being a part of Project Design!

cindy hattersley design said...

Love the addition of the flag. I have an old one that I have been tempted to have me thinking! I grew up on a lake and I love the casual vibe that your room has. Best of all you can tell people really "live" there. And that coffee table...FABULOUS!!!

[email protected] Lime in the Coconut said...

LOVE what you have done. It has a vintage summer camp feel. The flag and the table are perfection. I would happily cozy up there on a rainy day and play sorry with your kidlets!

MDezri said...

Perfect timing...I have been wanting to lighten up my living room...get rid of the winter-y feel. You gave me the inspiration I always! XO

Brandi said...

Love your home and style! The coffee table is gorgeous. I love the wood top with the painted green base. So nice to have a piece of your husband's history.

Lori said...

Gorgeous as always! I've been following for forever and a day. :) did you cut the flag down or fold it? I have been wanting to Fram one, but I have a hard time deconstructing perfectly good things. THANKS!

Melaine Thompson said...

Hi! No, I didn't cut it. It's all tales in the back with duct tape, not very pretty but I didn't want to ruin the flag either!

Anonymous said...

Love the room change up! Can you tell me where you found the Junior trivia game?...looks like a fun game for my daughter!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Such an inviting room with the pops of colour. I love how it's not too matchy matchy. You have great style! X Sharon

Melaine Thompson said...

At a antique store actually!


Couldn't be any prettier! Love the flag and coffee got the touch girl!

MyRedFrontDoor said...

Seriously before I opened this post I saw the flag!!!!!! And thought, "I want to do that!!!!" So I will be doing it in my open landing at the top of my stairs!!! I think it will bring great summer color into the only dark place in my farmhouse! Also, I was wondering where you got your round light fixture?!?!?!?! I am wanting to do something VERY similar in my dining room over the 10 foot harvest table we are building and I think I want to stick with round so the table can go either direction (it is a HUGE dining room!) Thanks for sharing this post! So many ideas for summer décor!

Melaine Thompson said...

Awesome! Glad you got some ideas! The chandelier is pottery barn and there is a link to it at the bottom of this post :)

Melaine Thompson said...

Thank you sherry!

Unknown said...

That flag is fabulous and makes so much difference! Love the pops of fun color for the summer, you did a great job! Xo Nancy

Kim said...

I love how casual and lived in ... yet gloriously perfect! The flag is perfect!

Jordan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Love your living room! What color is your couch? white, linen, off white? can't tell?

JULIA said...

That's just amazing.I adore decorating cushions and with you ideas I will have a lot to do during weekends!

By the way, what book would you advise to read (I mean DIY).

uzmakhan said...

good one.

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