Wednesday, May 13, 2015

~quote sign diy~

Today I am going to show you how to make these super cute signs.
You can pick any quote you like, something that means something to you.

Start out with 1x4 pieces of pine. 
I cut mine to 30" long each.

Paint the sides, the front, and the back with white paint. I like nothing shinier than satin.

While the paint is drying,  type up your quote on a word document.
I used the font Times New Roman and the size is 100.
Print out.

I like to use a paper cutter to cut each section out.

Flip the papers over and scribble with a pencil over the backside of the lettering.

When the paint is dry, use a tape measure to place the lettering on each piece of wood.
My quote took 3 pieces of wood.
Tape down to secure after you make sure it is all straight.

While the paper is taped down, use a ballpoint pen to trace the outline of each letter.
Remove the paper and the pencil will have transferred onto the wood like below.

The wording is so small on this so I used the skinniest paintbrush I could find.
If you don't have a steady hand, try using a paint pen, or even a sharpie.

When the black paint was dry I gently sanded down the edges and wiped clean.
I used sawtooth hangers on the back and hung them up in the kitchen!
If you follow me on instagram you can see the others I made for my daughters room.

Super easy! They cost around $3.00 each to make, give or take.
Happy painting!


Kristy said...

Love these signs Melaine! Sooo good!

Unknown said...

Can't wait to do this for my grandson's room! I think it will be hard to pick from Pooh Bear or Dr. Seuss.

Anne's Attic - Design said...

I really love your signs. I wish I had a printer. Thanks for sharing. Jo

Cassie said...

Lovely! And you make it so simple!

The Quaint Sanctuary said...

I love the dainty simplicity, yet awesome quotes on these signs! Such a cute project!


SavGarcia said...

Love these! I did something similar writing all of the cities we have lived in... but it was freehand- this is way cuter than my handwriting :)

MyRedFrontDoor said...


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