Monday, June 29, 2015

~apple of my eye sign & pattern~

Today I am going to show you how to make this cute sign!

First off you need a piece of MDF {medium density fiberboard}
These come in large sheets for around $7.00, I got mine at Home Depot.
Cut it down to 15" x 24"

For the frame you will need 1x2's. I chose cedar, again, purchased at Home Depot.
You need to cut these at a 45 degree angle.
They should be skinny side up when sitting on your saw.
Cut them to fit the outside edge of your MDF.

Once your pieces are cut, sand any rough edges off.
Then stain your frame pieces. 
I used weathered gray wood stain by Varathane.
Again, I purchased this at Home Depot.
I applied it with a paper towel, wiped it on, and wiped it right back off.

Next you will need to paint 2 coats of satin or eggshell paint onto your MDF.
I used Swiss Coffee Behr.

While all that is drying you can print out your pattern.
This is the pattern below. 
Enlarge it at a copy center, or on your home printer if you have a scanner.
You can always piece it together if it won't print all on one page.
Then use this technique to transfer the pattern on to your painted MDF.
Paint in the wording and the apple, let dry, then sand lightly for a distressed look.
I finished mine off with a coat of clear wax, but this is optional.

Now it's time to put your frame together. 
Line up the edges and use a nail gun to attach together. You can always use wood glue and clamps if you don't have a nail gun.
The four little pieces in the corners and just scraps used to hold it all together.

Then if you measured everything correctly you should just be able to pop in your sign and again, nail in place, or use wood glue on those supporting pieces.

~happy crafting~


[email protected] said...

Good morning Melaine! I adore your sign and you did a great job on the tutorial. It looks especially cute stacked on top of those wonderful old suitcases. Jane

Gwen said...

Worth all the effort. I would have used different color combinations. Thanks for sharing how to do this.

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