Thursday, June 25, 2015

~doing a little living room rearranging~

Every now and then, ok, about once a week, I get in the mood to change things up.
Sometimes it's little things like bringing in fresh flowers and cleaning out the cupboards.
Other times it's rearranging furniture or tackling a major project.
This week I switched things up in the living room a little bit.

As many of you know, I sanded the green paint off our coffee table.
I know a lot of you liked the green, and I did too, just not in here.
And if I ever do want it green again, I'll just paint it!
I'm loving the look of the raw wood.

The photo below shows the main changes, even though they are small. I removed the glass front cabinet from the left of the fireplace and stacked it on top of the other matching one, on the right.
{you can't see the bottom one in this pic}
Then I moved the leather chair to the corner to create a cozy little spot.
Sorry for all the sun glares. 
It rained all day and when I went to take photos, the sun came out.
Not complaining though!

I didn't have any fresh flowers so I cut a couple branches off some trees in the yard.

I also brought back my stump table and put all my favorite back issues of Cottage Living Magazine on it. I could read them over and over and over.

Of course when I sacked these two cabinets, the artwork was too big, so I changed that up too.

Some sources for this space:

Lamps on table- Homegoods, similar here
Sectional- Pottery Barn {in twill cream}
Euro pillows on couch from here 
Frames on wall from Ikea
Shutters, glass bottle, and tray on console table, various antique stores
Stacked cabinets {old} Fred Meyer
Floor lamp-Homegoods, similar here
Metal pitcher- Joss and Main
Leather chair {color whisky} -Pottery Barn
Blanket on chair- World Market
Pillow on chair- Pottery Barn
Coffee table- family heirloom
Wall color-swiss coffee by Benjamin Moore
Ticking pillow on couch from my friend here



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Such a pretty room, love the chair by the fireplace.

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