Tuesday, June 30, 2015

~mini lemon loaf cakes~

We are going to a lot of potlucks this Fourth Of July, so I am getting prepared and making things I can freeze. If you make these and freeze them, add the glaze after they have thawed.
These are so good and I love lemon when it's hot out, so refreshing!
I picked up the little mini loaf pans and flags at my local craft store.



Pineapples and Polka Dots said...

Thanks for sharing this recipe! We have a few die hard lemon dessert lovers in my family, so this will be a big hit! Lemon is so refreshing for summer.

lynda207 said...

Looks great, is the glaze lemon juice and GRANULATED sugar? (Not powered sugar) looking to bring this to a friends house this weekend! thanks ~

Susie said...

Hi Melanie. How many mini loaves does recipe make? I'm taking these to some parties this weekend too. Great Idea!

Gwen said...

I look forward to making that for myself and loved ones. Thank you.

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