Wednesday, June 17, 2015

~oversized book page art~

I've been thinking I'd like to make one of these huge book page art pieces so I have been searching the web for some ideas. Originally I thought I would hand paint a piece, but looking at different ideas.

I like this one from Whimsy Girl Design.
I love the grouping of 4.

Up close:

This one is great:

I love the idea of making seasonal signs:

And this might just be my favorite!



Leslie Harris said...

I love this post. What a great idea thanks so much for sharing. The Dalai Lama quote is wonderful.

Irishnana said...

Always love your blog. I was intrigued by the Dali Lama print. I found it online at for $400 - 2'x3' available in white, cream or charcoal background & includes a hand-made reclaimed wood frame. If I had an extra $400, I'd probably prefer to put it toward some original artwork. But I love the positive motivational message AND being a bit of a bibliophile, the graphic enlarged "book page" look really appeals to me. Seems I could make my own large framed print for a lot less than $400. I like the grouping of 4 very much, too.
Thanks for more great inspiration.

Sandi said...

I love this idea! Can you please tell me where to find these and also where do you go to get them enlarged?
Have a great day..(:

Foxhollow Studio said...

I love this too! Can you please elaborate some on how you did this? I had seen the Dali Lama print in Sundance sometime ago and fell in love with it but was very pricey.

Unknown said...

I love these. Where did you see the Icabod Crane picture? Love all of them. I couldn't read the last one though.


Becky Delson said...

I love this idea! I finally tossed my ratty old childhood copy of Green Eggs and Ham the other day and was just about to walk away from the recycle bin when I realized I could frame one of the pages. I chose the one just before the end where he lists all the ways he will not eat the green eggs and ham. It just makes me laugh.

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