Thursday, June 11, 2015

~thrifty thursday~{pallet + crate storage}

This is a very rustic project. 
I am planning on using it outdoors in a covered area this summer for sunscreen, bug spray, flip flops, etc.

You will need 4 casters, pallet wood, 3 crates, 1x2 pieces of wood,  and a nail gun {or you can do it by hand}

Start with one crate and add 1x2 pieces to the inside of all 4 corners.
Nail in place.

Center a second crate on top and nail in place.

And the same with the third.
At this point, you could stain it or paint it and leave it like this.
But, I wanted to be able to push it up against the house and not see all the junk inside.

So I covered the front and 2 sides in pallet pieces.

The easiest thing would be to measure the side and cut all your side pieces at once. Nail them in place and then start on the front.
When you get to the part with the 1x2's like you see in the photo below, you will need to add another rough cut piece of 1x2 to raise it up a bit so you can attach your pallet pieces.

 When you are near the bottom, flip the whole piece upside down. 
Attach casters to the bottom with screws.

To disguise the casters
{because they are new, and not really rustic looking}
I added a "skirt" with 3 more sides of wood.

And to finish off the top, I just used the remaining 1x2's cut on a 45 degree angle and attached to the top with my nail gun.

Here it is all finished.
This is the front.

The side:

And the back!
Like I said, it's very rustic, but perfect for all those misc. outdoor things that come with summer.
It can easily be wheeled out of the way and pushed up against the house when not in use.

I love getting emails from people that have used my tutorials and created something on their own!
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20 North Ora said...

Great project for outdoors!


Lori said...

This could be neat with an old dolly attached to it on one side too. :)

kwakenburgwales said...

Great! Really great idea!

Anonymous said...

So simple but very effective. Great idea.

designchic said...

How great is this?! Perfect for all of those outdoor items you want out of site…love the staining!

Unknown said...

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Carla said...

Fun project. You come up with such the coolest ideas.
thanks for sharing this one

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