Thursday, September 24, 2015

~fall in the garden~

Here is a quick little before and after for you.
This space sits right below our kitchen window and often gets neglected, which I am not sure why, since it is right in front of the house.

With one trip to Home Depot and another to the grocery store I was able to transform this space with a little color and texture for fall.
It only took my a couple of hours and it really brightens things up!

Here is a little before and after for you.
As you can see the before is nothing short of boring. The grass on the right I chopped down as it was overtaking the whole area. I trimmed up the lilac on the left and then just planted all my plants from Home Depot.
After that, I added pumpkins & gourds from the grocery store!

The first thing I planted was a large purple flowering rhododendron.
We have dozens of rhododendrons on our property, so this will fit right in.

I am literally obsessing over this color mums this year.

Also tucked in amongst the ivy is Coral Bells.
I love the dark red color they bring to the space.

I also planted some spreading juniper.
Oh, I cannot wait until these little guys start getting bigger.
The blue green color is gorgeous and they are a great texture.

He NEVER leaves my side.

On the little path to the crawl space I planted Mahogany Bugleweed around the slate stepping stones.
It should spread out, and the nice thing about it, is that you can walk on it without harming it.

The last two things I planted were Stonecrop in Sunsparkler Lime Zinger, 
and Blue Fescue in Boulder Blue.
Almost all of these are perennials , so they will come back year after year!
Perfect for the lazy gardener I am!

Have you started decorating for fall?


jo said...

It's gorgeous!!! I have to tell you a sweet story about my yellow lab. My husband passed away 4.5 years ago. The first three years, every time I mowed my lawn (and I have 3 acres!) the dog would lay in the area I was mowing. I'd finish one section and move on to the next, and there he'd be. He doesn't do it so much anymore, but to me it was like he was just keeping a protective eye on me to make sure everything was ok. Labs are wonderful, aren't they?

Melaine Thompson said...

Such a sweet sweet story! They are the best! Xoxo

Little Farmstead said...

Gorgeous! Love what you've done outside. ~julie

Belle said...

You just did a great job! I hope I can transform ours too just like what you've done. Thanks!

Sherry said...

It looks beautiful and you make it seem so easy! I love how you tucked in the picture of Harley and your comment about him never leaving your side. That is awesome.

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