Thursday, October 22, 2015

~ORC week 3~

We are halfway there on the One Room Challenge and our basement is coming along nicely.

Right now the room looks like a wood shop. 
I have been doing shiplap walls and there is dust on everything.
I am not complaining though, I am loving the look!

Let's start with the stairway leading down to the basement.
I ripped up the carpet and painted the stairs. I didn't do anything fancy there.
I used 1x8 pieces of pine for the shiplap walls to give it a very vintage vibe. 
I wanted it to look like this room had been around forever.
The wood doesn't line up perfectly and there is gaps in some spots, but to me that adds character.

A good friend of mine came over and installed the Dash and Albert rug runner. It took 2 to do these stairs. Let's get a look at the before:


And after…..

I also made a bunch of picture frames. My intent is to use them on the stairwell, but the may end up elsewhere.

I started planking the walls in the room. I have a long ways to go and a lot of painting ahead of me.
The color will be Behr Swiss Coffee, same as the stairwell.

My favorite part by far though is the reading nook!
If you remember, this was a closet that has broken doors and shelves that were sagging.
I ripped everything out and installed the same wood we used in our outdoor area along the back and 2 sides.

I painted 20 square wood crates from Home Depot and, stacking them two high, created a bench area.
My cushion from Tonic Living came in and it is gorgeous!
As soon as I am done sawing down there, I will install it.

I hope to finish planking the walls this week and paint them.
Then there's a whole other area in this room I haven't even talked about yet, and you will see that next week.
My plan for that area has my husband rolling his eyes, so we will see what comes of it.

Stay tuned…..



Shabby Sheshe said...


[email protected] Stroll Thru Life said...

Love the stairs and the runner is fabulous. Looking good so far.

Lynne W said...

It looks wonderful! And your stairs look like they might be the same as the stairs in my 1970's house -- they don't have a wall skirt on the sides? Was it difficult to install the shiplap without a skirt? Can you explain how you did that? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Stacey {steward of design} said...

Those stairs! Love it!

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Oh no--don't paint that wall--it is gorgeous as is! But what do i know--LOL

Hannah said...

AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! i can't wait to see it finished! awesome job!!

Allie said...

Oh that space is going to be gooood! Love the stairs!! Good job lady!

Cecilia said...

Looking good! I'm in awe over the reading nook. That's so cool!

Anonymous said...

This space is going to be amazing!!


whalingcitycottage said...

Nice!!! Looking good. I love the rug and wood wall.

Anonymous said...

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